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Nail Care and Nail Art

No description

Emma Worthington

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Nail Care and Nail Art

Nail Care and Nail Art
Caring for your nails is very important because it helps prevent nail problems, such as fungal nail infections and it can keep your nails looking neat and tidy. Having a coat of nail polish can complete every outfit.
General Care
Keep your hands and nails clean
Keep your hands and nails moisturised
Keep your nails filed to a neat length and shape
Never bite your nails
Filing your nails
Filing your nails is a way to keep them at a nice length and give your nails the shape you want.
Don't file back and forwards on your nails, file in only one direction
When filing the sides of your nails, don't file towards your nail bed
Use emery boards instead of metal files
Only file your nails when they're dry
Shaping Your Nails
It is up to you, how you want to shape your nails. Keeping your nails shaped is important as it keeps them looking neat and tidy
Shaping Your Nails to Suit Your Hand Shape
Small hands: Almond shaped nails
Short, wide fingers: Squoval shaped nails
Large hands or wide nails: Squared nails
Strengthening and Growing
There are many nail polishes available that help strength and growth of nails.

Taking a biotin supplements can help your nails grow and keep them strong. Biotin is also found in dairy products, salmon and chicken.

Don't bite your nails!
Cuticle Care
Your cuticle is a small piece of skin at the bed of your nail. Cuticles are important as they keep infection from entering your nail bed.
You should moisturise your cuticles at least once a day with a cuticle oil.
When you get your nails done professionally, your cuticles are often trimmed however you should never trim your own cuticles. You can instead use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles.
Nail Art
There are many different ways to decorate your nails. You can paint them a plain colour, do a french manicure or pick a theme and use different colours to create designs.
If you are looking for something to do with your nails you should check youtube for tutorials. One of my favourite youtube accounts for nail art is called cutepolish.
Useful Tips
Add a top coat after painting your nails.
Painting a clear coat on the edges of your nails helps prevent them breaking.
Don't paint nail polish on too thickly. Paint one thin coat, then add a second coat when it is dry.
Use a base coat before painting your nails.
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