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darlene norlund

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of MERCURY

1. Atomic number: 80
2. Atomic Symbol: Hg
3. Atomic weight: 200.59
4. Density: 13.533

mercury is most harmful towards wildlife and fish. toxic mercury is released from coal burning power plants and is released polluting rivers, lakes, oceans, and forests.
What is mercury found in?
Mercury is commonly found in: batteries, fluorscent lights, thermometers, and barometers
What is mercury commonly used for?
Effects of Mercury amongst animals
BIRDS: lay fewer eggs, and have trouble caring for their chicks.
FISH: have difficulty schooling, and have fewer spawning successes.
MAMMALS: have impaired motor skills and have difficulty finding and hunting for food.

each of us can do our part to keep mercury out of the environment. we can buy mercury free products, such as mercury free thermometers, thermostats, and ETC. help our environment and save our animals!
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