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Natural History of Disease

No description

Edith Lucia Lopez

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Natural History of Disease

Natural History of Disease
A description of the uninterrupted progression of a disease in an individual from the moment of exposure to causal agents until recovery or death.
History of Disease
Is divided in 2 periods
Period in which people are in equilibrium with their environment i.e. HEALTHY
Refers to the Beginning of the disease
--even before symptoms have appeared.
Sub-clinical Period
Incubation period, there are no symptoms
Clinical Period
When symptoms start to appear
1.Non-specific signs and sympthoms
High fever and general disconfort
2. Specific Symptoms
Each disease has it specific set of symptoms.
Other parts of the body start to get involved.
Permanent alteration of the body
5. Death
Final stage of disease.
Still do not know exactly what is wrong.
Recall a flu incident...
The moment you started getting a runny nose and sneezed.
Maybe you developed an ear ache :(
It can be avoided if preventive measures are taken.
According to Levell & Clark
Primary Prevention
Health education, community education, improve environmental and nutritional conditions.
Secondary prevention
Diagnosis and Treatment
Tertiary prevention
There are 3 levels of prevention
Primary prevention
Secondary prevention
Tertiary prevention
During the pre-pathogenic stage
During the pathogenic stage
Clinical Phase
During the pathogenic stage before Death
Data Analysis A
Relationship between head size, education and dementia.
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