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Castro's success in social policies

No description

Erin Moses

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Castro's success in social policies

Castro stayed in power so long because of successful social policies Women in the Swamps
Margaret Randall The "Rehabilitation" of Prostitues
Oscar Lewis, Ruth M. Lewis, & Susan M. Rigdon
Bay of Pigs beachhead
Prerevolutionary- Backward, without schools, everyone worked, no roads, lost civilization
Post revolutionary- new highway, schools, hospitals, better jobs, communication Prerevolutionary: prostitution prevolent
low wages
limited options for women other than prostitution Postrevolutionary : Early Improved Healthcare
Forced checkups for prosts.
Drugs made illegal
Kinder Police Force
Postrevolutionary : Later Prostitues/Women offered education
well treated
Offered new jobs
Higher Wages
Escape Street Life
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