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Nowhere to Call Home: Houston

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home: Houston

Nowhere to Call Home
By: Cynthia DeFelice
Frances, a very privileged girl, lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her father and many servants.
The Great Depression was happening, and her father lost all of his money. Her father took a lot of pride in his money, and since he couldn't have it he decided to take his own life.
Chapter 1- Philadelphia, PA
Chapter 2- Philadelphia, PA
Since Frances father lost all of his money, they have to sell the house. They have decided to send Frances to her Aunt Bushnell's house in Chicago.
The bank took almost all of Frances and her fathers stuff, because they had no money.
Chapter 3- Philadelphia, PA
Frances heard some of the servants talk about riding the rails and is very interested.
Frances decides that she would like to rides the rails, but is greatly discouraged by all of the servants.
Chapters 4 & 5- Philadelphia , PA
Frances starts to become mad at her father, because he cared more about his money and she wasn't enough.
Frances really doesn't want to go to Aunt Bushnell's, so she goes and talks to Junius about hoboing with him. However, he said no.
When Frances is put on the train to Chicago, she gets off at the following stop and runs off.
Chapters 6 & 7- Philadelphia, Pa and on the road.
Frances runs to the freight train yard, where she is caught by a guard and sent back on her way.
Frances decides to "become" a boy by cutting her hair and buying new clothes.
Frances hopped on a freight, where she met a 15 year old hobo named stewpot.
Chapter 8- Pittsburgh, Pa
Frankie arrives in Pittsburgh, Pa and follows Stewpot, the hobo she met on the train.
Frankie and Stewpot then travel to a nearby jungle, where Frankie meets many other hobos, including girls.
Chapters 9 & 10- Pittsburgh, PA
Frankie and Stewpot go to a nearby farm and work for food, which is a big milestone for Frankie because it's the first time she works for food.
That night even more people join the jungle, and the girls cook a meal for everyone.
Chapter 11- Pittsburgh, PA
Frankie wakes up to find her bag missing, and en they retrieve the bag the valuable stuff within it has been taken. They assume it was Omaha Red, one of the other hobos, that took the stuff.
Stewpot decides that him and Frankie should leave and see the country.
Chapters 12 & 13- Pittsburgh, Pa
Before they leave town, they make stops at the bakery and the deli for food. They get some food at the bakery, but the man at the deli was very rude.
Stewpot takes Frankie to get a pocket knife, because he says all hobos need one.
Frankie hops her first moving train, and they're on their way to Cincinnati.
Chapters 14, 15, & 16 -Cincinnati, Oh
While on the train to Cincinnati, stewpot shows Frankie how to whittle cool things with her pocket knife.
The weather outside is begining to get cold, and snow is falling. Frankie is wondering what she is going to do to stay warm, since stewpot doesn'twant to stay in a flophouse.
After Stewpot tells Frankie his plan once the depression is over, Frankie realizes she needs a plan. She would like to be a pro pianist, but then thinks it's impossible since she left home.
After a good nights sleep, they arrive in Cincinnati. Before they enter the station, Frankie jumps off her first moving train.
Chapters 17, 18, and 19
St. Louis, MO and Davenport, IA
Frankie and Stewpot hop yet another train, this time to St. Louis.
Frankie, or Frances, is starting to feel really close to stewpot, so she finally tells Stewpot that she is a girl.
When Frankie and Stewpot arrived in St. Louis, they got off in the yard, where they were spotted and arrested.
After spending the night in prison, they were thrown onto another train that morning.
Frankie and Stewpot get off in Davenprot, IA, where they spend the night in a flophouse.
Chapters 20, 21, and 22
Davenport, IA, Grand Forks, ND, and Going through Montana.
Frankie is starting to become more mature, and doing what a hobo does. She is starting to become a leader, and tell Stewpot what is and is not going to happen.
With her money, Frankie buys medicine for Stewpot, groceries, and wool hats, blankets, and mittens to keep warm.
Stewpot is begining to look very sick, and has cold sweats along with his fever.
They are passing through the Rocky Mountains, the one place Stewpot wanted to see.
Chapters 23 and 24
Spokane and Seattle Washington
Stewpot is starting to become so sick he can't walk, but on the bright sid ethey arrived in Seattle.
They are attempting to find the Hooverville tht hey were told about, however, everyone in town dislikes them and won't tell them.
Following the direction of a young kid, they arrive at the Hooverville where Stewpot collapses in the middle of the road.
They meet a man named Jack who takes them in and lets them get warm.
Frankie searchen frantically for a doctor, but cna't find anyone who will help.
Chapter 25 and 26
Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL
Stewpot they had determined caught pneumonia, and died in the taxi on the way to the hospital.
After burying Stewpot, Jack offers to let her stay, but she decides not to.
Frances gets back into her old clothes, and buys a one way ticket to Chicago.
When she arrives she heads to her aunts house, where after taking one more deep breath, she reached for the heavy brass door knocker, and let it fall.
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