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1920's Racism and Discrimination

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Dj Sy

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of 1920's Racism and Discrimination

~1920's Racism and Discrimination~
Thesis Statement
During the 1920's Racism was widespread and was almost Inevitable as Blacks or "Negroes" constantly got terrorized not just by people but the newly rising clan called the KKK (KuKluxKlan), but it wasn't just the blacks who were victims of these but also people with different religious beliefs that didn't seem "American".
~Sacco & Vanzetti~
Both are Italian Born Anarchist
Both Convicted for Murder
Also known as "Monkey Scopes Trial"
-This was a Prime example for racism in the 1920's regarding religious views and proves that racism did not only affect the blacks but also immigrants.
~Other Acts of Racism/Discrimination in the 1920's~
America bans Asian Workers (Except Japanese) from entering the U.S because they think they are entering for an "Immoral Purpose".
Marcus Garvey established the "Back to Africa" Movement stating that blacks can never be fairly treated in the U.S and should just move back to Africa.
Term "Negroes" is used referring to anyone with at least 1/4th Negro blood flowing through their veins.
Laws were made specifically targeting blacks to give them a hard time while the whites lived a fruitful life.
~KuKluxKlan (KKK)~
First formed 1860's
Main reason for massive racism in the 1920's
Klan still exist today but with very few members and less violence
Marched across Washington D.C with masks off as proof they are not afraid of the people or government.
Has a movie called "Birth of a Nation".
-The KKK is a clan consisting purely of Whites', they were known in the 1920's for their notorious actions against people such as blacks and others who did not possess "American" traits and normally Lynched, Raped, Murder, Castrated or even Burn them.
-From Segregation to Name-Calling and even to murders the period of the 1920's was a dangerous place for blacks and immigrants if they were not careful enough, as they could be tortured because of the hate the whites are showing from anxiety of their own culture and possibly the feeling of them being superior.
Source: Wikipedia (Sacco and Vanzetti)
Source: Encyclopedia "Americas Century" (p. 66 and 81)
Racial Segregation was made everywhere (Blacks were not allowed to be in the same room as whites and were not allowed to do the same things as whites).
Blacks attended dIfferent schools from the whites.
~Interracial Marriage~
-Marriage during the 1920's that was not of the same race was highly restricted.
-Fines can reach up to: $500 and a possibility of spending 6 months in Prison
~1920's Racism/Discrimination Anxiety~
-During those periods not only did the White culture flourish but also the culture of other people causing the Whites to experience anxiety that made them think that the other cultures would take over their own and would cease to exist.
Source: discuss.ilw.com "Multi-Cultures"
~Tulsa Race Riot~
The "Tulsa Race Riot" is a riot motivated by racial violence. This was done on two separate days (May 31, 1921 and June 1, 1921) where whites attacked the black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma and burned it to the ground.
Source: Wikipedia "Tulsa Race Riot"
~Marcus Garvey~
Born: August 17, 1887
Died: June 19, 1940
-Famous for: "Back-to-Africa Movement"
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