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what matter's to Ruby Villalpando

No description

Ruby Villalpando

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of what matter's to Ruby Villalpando

what matter's to Ruby Villalpando

paragraph 1
''what matter's to me'' : Michale Josephson and the theme is that the author is using characteristic words to explain how he feels. the topic on these poems is that the author is trying to express his feeling by saying all these poems of his opinions and on how he feels.
paragraph 2
the message in these poems is that , sometimes you have to get rid of the bad things in life,just focus on the good things that make you a better person.The two meanings in this sentence is that you have to get rid of the bad things in life or else you will stay in trouble and get in to problems.you should stay focused and consentrated in your accomplishments.

paragraph 3
the poem that touched me the most was ''live a life that matter's''.this poem got me the most because it saying do succesful things in life and make accomplishments that everybody is going to know you from all the hard work you did and the things that you have created are stunning. The other thing is that don't get in to trouble that could lead you to seriouse problems. so don't do bad things in life what you want is accamplishments and goals in life.
paragraph 4
What I have learned from these poems is that not everything in life could be succesful and things can turn upside down and it could all be a disaster for you.every one is going to go through technical difficulties in life.If there would be somethings that I would change aout myself is my attitude because sometimes I could be bossy .
paragraph 5

what I want people to remember me about is that im a really kind person that I say kindfull things to my teachers my friends or other people. I want teachers to remember me is that I was an outstanding studnet and a kind person with a positive attitude coming to class everyday.
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