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History of Erotica

Depiction of sexuality in the ancient world

Abayomi Olujobi

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of History of Erotica

Ancient Greek Vessel with a Scene of Couple Copulating Ancient Greek. Hydria shaped terracotta vessel with two handles, black figures on a light brown background: erotic scenes: a nude couple copulating, phallus visible on one side, two men one holding a rabbit and the other nude with a visible phallus walking on the other side. All figures highlighted in red. Two legged phalluses one winged and the other with a body of an animal. Light dirt patina. 400 BC (8 ¼" x 5 ¼") Jade Statue of a Couple Copulating Asian. Carved brownish-green jade erotica piece: a standing couple copulating. Very animated and finely detailed. 1700 AD (4 ½" x 2 ¾") Ancient Erotica Displaying scenes of sexuality as been around since the beginning of civilization "Venus of Willendorf."
The following are some examples of ancient erotic depictions:
The ancient Greeks painted sexual scenes, some depicting homosexual relationships, on their pottery.
The famous "Pan copulating with goat" statue was discovered in Pompeii.
Ancient Romans, in which one can assume had a completely different attitude towards sexuality, depicted sexual scenes on everyday objects. Phallus on oil lamps, pendants and even full blown copulation on cups and plates are some of the most popular Roman artifacts collected today.
Ancient Indians had Kama Sutra.
Shunga, erotic woodblock prints, were popular in medieval Japan.
Hundreds of erotic Jade statues depicting copulation are commonplace in ancient China.

All this just goes to show that the idea of pornography has been around since the beginning of man. The only difference is the medium in which it they were presented. The following are some of the erotic pieces available at Sadigh Gallery. Enjoy! Ancient Roman Bronze Winged Phallus Roman. Bronze winged phallus pendant, a Roman
talisman representing the God Mutinus. Women seeking to bear children invoked this God. Loop to the top for wearability. Green patina. 100-200 AD (1") Indian Erotic Painted Illustration from Kama Sutra Indian. Painted erotic scene: a couple copulates. Painted on paper with Indian writing to the back. Part of the Kama Sutra book. Early 1900's AD (6" x 4") Ancient Roman Terracotta Erotic Oil Lamp
showing a Figure with Phallus Ancient Roman. Terracotta oil lamp, a figure with a profound phallus as the circular central panel, a garland of leaves and fruit surrounding the outer border, a bee on the back. Traces of carbon residue about the wick hole. 100-200 AD (4") Depictions of Sexuality in the Ancient World Ancient Erotica Ancient Greek Vessel in the Shape of a Figure with Phallus Ancient Greek. Terracotta vessel with a
single handle and a phallus spout, a bearded dwarf playing a reed instrument squatting
on a base with a wave design, traces of black
and red. Earthen patina. 400 BC (6" x 5") Ancient Syrian Stamp Seal of a Couple Copulating Ancient Syrian. Black steatite stamp seal: an erotic scene of a couple copulating. A sun burst in the sky above them. The reverse with incised linear designs. Hole for wearability. 200 BC(2" x 1 ¼") Ancient Syrian Steatite Vessel with Erotic Scene Ancient Syrian. Black steatite miniature vase in a form of a stylized figure. One side shows an erotic scene of a couple copulating, the other side shows a figure standing with a horned animal. 200 AD (2 ¾" x 1 ½") Sadigh Gallery's Chinese Bone Panel with Scene of a Couple Copulating Asian. Amber rectangular animal bone panel with an erotic scene etched onto the surface: a couple copulating in a garden setting, the female hugging a tree with one leg up and a male standing behind her. With holes. 1800's AD (6 ¾" x 1 ¾") Ancient Asian Jade Statue of a Couple Copulating Asian. Carved dark green jade erotica piece: a couple copulating, the male behind the female. Very animated and finely detailed. Traces of yellow. 1700 AD (4" x 3") South American Rock Crystal Phallus South America (Brazil). Hand-carved rock crystal, light purple and green stone phalluses, symbols of fertility and wealth. Miniature in size, life–like in appearance. 1900's AD (1 ½" - 1 ¼") Thank you for watching
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