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Jubilee Sailing Trust - Town Hall

No description

James Carlson

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Jubilee Sailing Trust - Town Hall

Jubilee Sailing Trust
Town Hall 31 Jan 2017
wheelchair user
Person with disability
Disabled person
JST progress
World progress
Issues facing JST:
Younger people are getting wiser
Current bought-in clientele are getting older
Staff News & Updates
Valued Behaviours and an update?

Does the team feel that because there has been a delay with valued behaviours and no communication (internally or externally), that our community will be disengaged? How can the team as a whole deal with this effectively?


- staff are given regular updates and thorough training. Possible q&a document that means staff have a more structured positive approach to questions from the community.

Share success stories--things that have worked well
Our successes and lessons learned
Teaching and Learning
Share the high-level summary of the organization's financial position
New Opportunities
Community news
Questions from Between
Questions submitted from before the town hall are discussed, if needed
Our priorities and plans
Our transformation
Do the SLT have a plan in place to ensure people deal with, and embrace change?

A lot of what we are doing now isn't the 'old JST' and individuals mind sets need to adapt, rather than being negative. Chasing people that aren't on board with something, is a painful process!


Projects are brought up with individuals during their 1-1's and any issues are reverted back to the lead stakeholder/s to be sorted.
Update on new clients, partners, and fundraising actions
Announce and share updates to plans, business process, activities, in the business, on the business, review visual timeline
Voice of trustees, volunteers, chapters, partners, customers
How are we evolving and growing JST mission, strategy, culture, process and policy
Learn from a JST or outside expert on a specific topic
Robbie on Accessibility and Inclusion
Customer Experience
first heard of JST
back in regular life
joining mid Feb
Trustees Update:
Strategic meeting: look at overall direction of the charity, identify key issues, reasons for being, fundamentals
Themes: reflection on activity, strengthening and growing the team, and more international programs, partnership strategy
Stronger team -> growth -> more margin -> cover costs
International programs:
Overall occupancy improving, mission, reach and ambition are improving; challenging because longer-term, more resources, A-B-C voyages
Partnerships: bullish and excited! See this increase; trustees want to support this. Core of sustainability for JST. Find a good balance between public and partner voyages, allows us to have more freedom and options.
Meeting formed three focus areas in Trustees:
1. How charities should run themselves, new charity code, with high standards - how can JST adopt?
2. Evaluate operating model - sustainable JST, partnership model - spend 12 months to deepdive on question of sustainable JST (Lord Nelson refit, etc.)
3. Phase 1: Identity refresh -- Phase 2: Expand mission and beneficiaries
Key achievements since past town hall:
- Libel funding (300k over 3 years for veterans paired with youth)
- Funding to replace Carla as individual giving officer - will be used for an administrator and for training (2-3 years) by Alchemy Foundation
- Christmas Campaign - exceeded target of 25kp, including match from JC Newco. 13700p, 18% increase in online giving

What's Next:
- Relaunch Friend's scheme
- New Legacy strategy - "Changing lives for generations to come"
- 20 Mar: Jubilee 24: One Day, One Gift (online day promoted through social, becomes annual event, 200 gifts target) 56k 'likes' on facebook!
- Work is about understanding the donor journey. Donors are here because of why we do this, more than what we do!
Brought in Gemma and Bill to focus on Fundraising
Trust has large capital fundraising objectives on horizon. Why?

- Increase funds generated
- Business case driven approach generated 2m additional funding
- Need to scale and attract new people with the science of fundraising
- Keep evolving the fleet, keep ships in good condition, underwriting our activities
- Mine data, identify targets, and pursue with scale
What are your motivations to be here?
- Volunteers have different motivations
- Most are emotional, driven by life-changing experiences of themselves or their partners or families
- Feeling worthwhile, giving back, or feeling lonely and wanting to be part of community
- Be thinking about this when talking with volunteers

What do volunteers need from us?
Security and knowledge of our understanding
- Who is JST? What are our aims and values? How do we support them while they're with us? What do we expect from them to help us achieve the goal? How can we inspire and engage them?

Create strong foundation of support, information, and communication based on values
1. Volunteer Policy, including aims, principles, methods and training, health, safety, problem solving, and recognition and appreciation
2. Volunteer agreement
3. Handbook
4. Update volunteer database

What Volunteer Office needs from JST:
1. Anything you feel positive or negative about volunteer community at the moment, please feedback info
2. Our strongest word of mouth channel is our volunteer community
Andy with 2018 voyage:
NZ , Chatham, 50 degree club (Association of Cape Horners) to Falklands
Falklands to Cape Town to South Georgia
Tristan to Port Elizabeth, round Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, Ascension, Fernando de Herona, week in Carribean, then Antigua
Bermuda, Azores,
Kevin: Ship Operations
Transition of responsibilities:
- Recruiting
- Development of people and talent

Stopped for maintenance, water traps
Tech issues
SMS (Safety Management System)
Must be operated worldwide to run ships, we are audited to this standard
What do you want to know about operations at this meeting and ongoing?
starts in 2 months this week
2 years relationship
first voyage, with match funding from Foundation
two voyages, day sails with HNW individuals
11 4-day voyages
round England
209 Barclays staff
209 voyage crew
Mostly new people
100 third-party charities
Day in Port between each Voyage
High value mixers
Volunteers on-site in port days
3 April
Challenges: quick turn around, needs in-port support and help to relieve pressure on crews
Barclays Zone at each in-port site, with tents and promotion, chance to bring JST visibility, theme is Colleagues, Community, and Customers around "Shared Growth"
Focus on access: digital skills, coding playgrounds, employment
We're getting to the very end -- need people to participate in fundraising, office support, etc. Live blogging, vlogging, and marketing during event itself.
Post voyage: create collateral, create films and showcase this for future partnership work
Build a vision with other campuses
Expand beyond Barclays
Through the network of corporate and HNW

What did you learn today?
Volunteer community care is impressive- like very much what Charlie can bring to the party
Learned more about sailing--you have to go up to be able to back down to be a Cape Horner!
Found interesting the commitment to have a common language with JST -- if we're specialized charity we should have standard way of communicating what we do
Learned more about what we do with armed services
Interested to hear more about Wallbeck and surey and programming - not as straightorward as we thought
Liked the update on the beginning about successes of M4M and Welbeck
Quite interesting to learn how the components of the organization will fit together, get update on what is happening, net steps
Andy Spark can be quite hilarious if he wants to be
Cash and Income!!
Learned that it would be a sad world if Andy was PC
Learned more about thevoyages I've been selling for ages
Great to hear about Robbie's area and look at plans going forward in terms of language and accessibility
Jon's numbers and facts for Barclays helped frame what we face, and help people understand what we're doing this year
We've had some good feedback from beneficiaries and pros which I can't wait to use, and upcoming program is interesting
Learned about our journey home and cape horn activity
Found it interesting to get big picture of different elements -- cash and income is good learning
interesting because you get stuck in the part you focus on each day, to find out how the voyage itself flows, where we are going, helps to get outside the concentration. found out what is going on in australia, they're following same strategy, working same way we are as in the UK
Learn more about what people do in the daily business
Income and Cash learning explanation is interesting and useful, heplful for everyone to understand. M4M, Wellbeck, Robbie's explanation in terminology
Hearing about different motivations for volunteers, hadn't considered that
Want to learn more about makerspace
First town hall--most useful was behaviors and how we're developing them , changing and promoting them
The interactivity of town hall, long while since I've been in one, felt more dynamic
Learned that we're awful about telling staff about our voyages, monthly workshop, detsination focus
Robbie's part on individuals with disability, thought that was bestter, so want to learn more about that
Being aware of the agenda, real sense of momentum and energy
What great presenters we have on the team, and we should use that more often

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