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Tyler-Computer Components

No description

Yorba Student

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Tyler-Computer Components

This is the key
part for the
Inside the computer
Power supply unit
Key boards
and Mouses
We use it to type
and do research
with it.
Optical/Disk Drives
We use the disc
drive to look
at what is
inside the disc
or storage.

Computer components
This is what is inside
the computer as
the component
It is how long
the energy lasts
Heat Sink
This is what cools down
the computer from
heating up
Here are all of the computer
components are
It supplies power for
electrical uses
Hard drive storage
It stores anything on the
hard drive
(Central processing unit)
The brain of the

(Random Access Memory)
It is a short term memory
Ports and Slots
Ports refer to the sockets
on the computer chassis
Power supply unit
It provides power to the computer
For the electrical outlet
Visual Display
Displaying it in any
visual way
This is the outer layer
It's the protective layer of the computer and it protects from breaking it
This what's inside the computer
All the microchips ,hard drive, wires,and the whole system
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