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Sean Jennings

this is my amazing project that i tried really hard on

sean jennings

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Sean Jennings

Double click anywhere & add an idea chemistry question1 what is the mechanism of flight for a limp, dirigible, hot air balloon? a blimp used helium
a hot air balloon uses
hot air and hedrium and a dirigible
uses how does each fly?
the method includes providing propulsion units on the opposite side of the airship and reflecting the thrust of the propulsion. horizontal placement of the ship may be carryed out by varying the relative thrust of the propulsion units blimp hot air balloons:) flies by having mini balloons within the sheets of the hot air balloon there for heat is applied making the balloon go up or down dirigibles- work same way as blimps:) how are they different?
they all have different methods
of flying how are they similar?
they all use helium what are the advantages of one
over the other?
the dirigible is the fastest but has
more hazards than others. i mean you
dont really hear about air balloons crashes
because they are safe what are the limitations of each?
in 1852 the first blimp was 142 feet long
and cigar shaped
dirigibles could travel up to 300ft!! bois
brothers launched a 70ft high balloon historical examples of each:) in 1782 in france, joseph micheal filled a
silk bag with hot air wich is less dense than
regular air lfted to the top of his house.
on april, 25, 1783, joseph and his brother built a
larger sherical bag and filled it with hot flame from
a fire and sent several arm animals aloft in a basket
hung beneath.
chemistry question 2 write the balanced equation for the combustion of
hydrogen? german zepplin hindenburg 2h^2 +o^2= 2h^2o + heat we know that chemical reactions are often exothermic or andothermic.
what do these words mean?
it means of the chemical reacts inside or outside the object what are observable indicators of each? powdered aliminum is the combustion of hydrigen exo ir endo thermic? it is endiothermic yrtydrty rrr rr chemistry question 3 modern airships are filled with helium why are airships filled with helium?
its because helium is lighter than air
and safer than hydrogen why wasnt the hindenburg filled with helium instead of hydrogen?
noody knew it was slighty lighter or that is could react with certain mixtures around it. chemistry question 4 use avagadros hypothesis to explain why hydrogen is
less dense than helium.

his hypothesis was saying that at a constant pressure and tempurature, the number of molecules of two gases at equal volumes will be the same. this is true in that there is always one mole of gas per 22.4 liters no matter what the gas is. however, each gas has different molarity, or grams per mole. this means that although each gas will have one mole in 22.4 liters, they will have different weights.for example, hydrogen contains 2.o2 grams per mole, while helium contains 4. therefore, at a constant pressure and tempurature hydrogen and helium have differnt weights at constant volumes. chemistry question 5 the hindenburg was filled with flammable hydrogen but recent study suggest
it wasnt the cause. how did paint made from powdered aluminum conribute to the disaster?
it was a mixture along with cellulose butyrate acetate and
iron oxyde, wich burns really easy. how is powdered aluminum used on airchips today?
it is put on the and of space ships since it burns so easily
when the hip takes off it ignites the powdered paint giving it extra
boost. write the balanced equation the aluminum underwent.
6Al + 30^2---> 6Alo endithermic use the octec rule to explain why podered aluminum bhaved
the way it did in the hindenburg crash.
its trying to filter out most of the energy so it explodes do you think an aluminum can would have reacted the same way?
no because an can made from aluminum can is not flammable.
even in high temperatures and its a more solid substance. describe the experiments carried out by addison bain.
credited with postulating the bain incendiary-paint theory.
wich posits that the hindenburg disaster was caused by the
electricalignition of lacquer and metal-based paints used on
the outer hull of the airship. thus he believed that the
hydrogen had no part in the disaster. chemistry question 6
balloons are filled with air instead of helium he uses the winds for direction and his heat for up and down how does the handler piolot his airship? he really has no control over direction he can only use his heat to go up or down use ideal gas law to tell why a hot air balloon rises in a balloon the hot air has expanded so as to displace the heavier cold air around the balloon and now being less dense than the surrounding air it simply floats upward defeating gravity. chemistry question 7 formula for gay-lussac
p1/t1=p2/t2 explaininng his law conatant is p density of an ideal gas at constant pressure he used the pressure of balloons and every thing having to do with that and helium and hydrogen to study. made a new temperature scale chemistry quation 8

a blloon s hot air will rise plus all of the mini
helium balloons in the sheets of the hot air balloon. chemistry question 9
what problems would happen if a cabin broke and a plane depressurised sudenlly?

every one would die from incorrect depressurization and the plane would have to make a emergency landing what are some myths about depresrization at high levels? a single gunshot can deprssurize a whole cabin if a door where to open that high people would or could suffocate fly out or depressurize to fast. death is high.
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