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Toolkit presentation - MZ

No description

Miha Zimšek

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of Toolkit presentation - MZ

Project ACES labelled as
Success Story

by the EC
Educational tool - Moodle

How could our toolkit help you in your endeavours (to combat radicalization)?

Which topics do you suggest to cover to make toolkit as useful as possible?

(EU) citizenship education:
toolkit presentation and demonstration

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Social Sciences
Miha Zimšek
> 50 topics


Five key steps
(1) upgrading the toolkit and preparation of curricula
(2) implementation/pilot testing of the designed curricula and toolkit
(3) toolkit/curriculum evaluation
(4) dissemination of the project results
(5) project evaluation and follow-up
"curriculum, designed to combat youth radicalization"
Cooperation of
all the relevant actors
- state regulators,
- key umbrella youth organizations,
- Erasmus+ National Youth in Action Agency
- key pedagogical institute
Toolkit development
- Developing Active Citizens of Europe through School

- Tackling Radicalism through Active Citizenship of Europe in Schools
- Active Citizens of Europe through School
Educational tool - Moodle
- concern of alienation from European institutions and the EU phenomena
- aims:
1) influence on schools (teachers and students) and university (teaching and research)
2) influence on wider community
3) influence on policy makers
- test, validate and promote a blended learning toolkit
- compulsory primary school subject on civic education, nothing alike on the secondary level
- Civic education in secondary schools organized in frame of OIV (obligatory content of choice)
- opportunity for youth to participate
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