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Hilary Jacobsen

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


Choose any four symbols as discussed in class. Explain the symbol as it is used throughout The Crucible. You must have three examples.
Write a summary about each Act. You must include all MAJOR events, including characters. This is not an opinion piece, but lists factual information.

This will be written in paragraph form, in your own words.

Make a timeline of the4 most important events from each ACT. There will be 16 TOTAL! Be specific with characters and events. Each ACT will be on a separate timeline.
Using the four major themes as discussed in class, explain how each progresses through the play from the beginning to the end. Use specific characters and situations in your explanations.

Write a letter from one character to another AND a response letter.
Each letter will be a minimum of 3 paragraphs with separate ideas, feelings, events, scenarios in each. (In other words don’t repeat the same thing over and over to get extra paragraphs)
You must show the relationship between the characters and an understanding of the novel.

Personal Review
Write your personal reaction to the book using the following criteria:
Include your favorite and least favorite parts with explanations.
(6 Points)
Choose favorite/least favorite characters with explanations.
(6 Points)
Write how you personally relate to any part of the book. Be detailed. (3 points)
Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?
(5 Points)
TOTAL: _____/20
Character Web
You will design your own character web-using ALL characters from The Crucible. (15 Points) It will use arrows to show relationships between characters, and must include households. (10 Points) Use Microsoft word shapes and text boxes, or Prezi shapes and arrows.
TOTAL: ______/25
You will design your own Venn-diagram (3 points) comparing two characters from The Crucible. (Labeled, 2 Points) Show similarities and differences between them. Use Microsoft shapes or text boxes.
(3 Points: Similarities, 8 Points: 4 Differences Each)

TOTAL: _____/16
Use publisher to create a brochure about The Crucible. It could include characters, symbols, themes, plot summaries, pictures etc...
TOTAL: _____/20
Web Drawing
Create a visual representation of The Crucible using paint, or any other photo editing program. It can be literal, or figurative. If you are an artist, and want to draw instead, that is an option.
TOTAL: _____/15
Video Recording or Acting
You and a partner/small group will make an audio or video recording of yourself acting out or reading a scene from The Crucible. It can be acted out in class. It must be at least 20 lines total, and each person must speak at least 4 lines to receive a grade. (They could speak a smaller part to help, but will not receive credit)

TOTAL: ______/40

Write a mock interview with any character from the novel. You will be playing the role of the reporter but still making up the character’s answers.The interview must be at least 20 lines long. Questions cannot be answered with “yes” or “no.” It should be insightful, and gives you a chance to explain certain characters motives form his/her point of view.
TOTAL: _____/20
Diary Entry
Imagine you are one of the characters. Write three diary entries (3 Points) showing me you understand how they felt throughout The Crucible. They should be dated, made up (3 Points) and should not all be from the same point of the play. It should show you understand how he/she might feel about the people, places, and things going on around them. (6 Points)
TOTAL: _____/21
News Report
Write a news article about the novel. It can be from one specific event, or the novel as a whole. Remember, you are an outsider, answering the: who, what, when, where, why and how. Language will be formal, and specific events and characters will be used.
Informational Voice (10 Points)
At least 4 Paragraphs (12 Points)
TOTAL: ______22)

Choose any of the Prezi options, and make another with different events, characters etz...OR, create an assignment of your own. If there is something else you'd like to do, it MUST BE APPROVED before. This is your chance to be creative and have fun!
See That Rubric for Total
Biographical Information
About Author
Using at least 3 different sources look up information about the author of the book. (6 Points)
This information should be factual and informative-try to find something unique. (5 Points)This information should help us understand why he wrote The Crucible. (4 Points)

You are not copying down what is written-this must be in your own words, in paragraph form. (5 Points)
TOTAL: _____/20

(all inside bracket frames)
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