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The Nazis human rights violations during WW2

No description

Caitlin Taylor

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of The Nazis human rights violations during WW2

Hitler and the Jews
The Nazis hated people with:
- Darkened skin
- Jewish people as were 'different' . - Gypsies
- Elderly and disabled
- Homosexuals
-And anyone who disagreed with what Hitler believed.
They were worked to death
Why they were hated by Hitler
Hitler believed that the Jews were to be blamed for everything bad that had happened to Germany...
What happened to Hitler?
They executed many of them
They were given barely any clothes in winter, not that much food at all and were forced to live in terrible living conditions
They were forced to live in overcrowded parts of cities called ghettos. One ghetto in Poland was meant to home 10,000 but 1 million jews had to live there. In around 4yrs time only 70,000 had survived
The loss of the first world war was the result of a Jewish conspiracy
The Treaty of Versailles was also a Jewish conspiracy designed to bring Germany to her knees
The hyperinflation of 1923 was the result of an international Jewish attempt to destroy Germany
They took away all of the jews rights as a human being and treated them as if they were monsters
They were forced to wear yellow star of David to show everyone who they were
- The Nazis were a political party
- Their leader was Adolf Hitler who became Führer (leader)
- He started World War 2 and killed millions
they were brought to gas chambers that often looked like big showers so they jews would go inside without suspicion. There they were killed with poison gas, then taken away and burned.
They destroyed all Jewish synagogues and other public places the Jews went to
Hitler didn't only hate and kill jews because of these reasons. Hitler wanted to create a perfect world filled with a perfect race of people, people with blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes. So even if you were not a jew and had white skin, if you didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, sometimes you were also to be killed.
Hitler killed himself shortly before the war was over because he realized that he had lost the war.
Although, some believed that Hitler had faked his death, was still alive and was waiting somewhere for a chance to try again and this time, not fail.
Some theories of what happened to Hitler was that he was either living in a underground hideout, living life as a shepherd or he was working on a fishing boat.
?Did You Know?
Hitler had a fear of cats
?Did You Know?
Hitler never visted a concerntration camp
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