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Using UNT as Case Study for Responsible Growth

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Nicole Cocco

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Using UNT as Case Study for Responsible Growth

Sustainability at UNT A Case Study for Responsible Growth What is responsible growth? Metrics for
Success How do you track your progress? RecycleMania Rating institutions: STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System)
LEED Certification (USGBC)
Tree Campus USA (Arbor Day Foundation)
RecycleMania (Keep America Beautiful)
Princeton Review, Green School Guide Ask yourself:
Is sustainability the reason people
are here? Will sustainability bring
more people here? What is the role of Higher Education? Colleges and universities solve global problems with innovative research, therefore they should set an example in student development and operations as well.
Large universities are not unlike small cities, and being wasteful can cost significant amounts of money.
Innovative initiatives can go through pilot stages and be used as case studies for private sector.
Most importantly, we build better global citizens. Our students learn about sustainability in and out of the classroom, preparing them for the future. SMART Savings 8 week friendly competition among colleges and universities. Used as a benchmarking tool as well as an outreach tool to encourage behavior change. Recycling at Tailgating Service learning project (social sustainability) and outreach tool. Also helps us create effective event recycling, since we use the same resources and logistics. LEED Buildings Life Sciences Complex (Gold Certified)
Business Leadership Building (Gold Certified)
New parking garage (Gold Certified)
Apogee Stadium (Platinum Certified)
First Platinum Certified Stadium in the World! New Union building is projected to be Platinum certified. Existing buildings are also being evaluated to receive their LEED certification. Better Energy WE MEAN
WIND :D Apogee Stadium Zero Energy
Laboratory Apogee Stadium Life Sciences Complex Business Leadership Building Dining Services Prime Vendor 17 deliveries a week
3 deliveries a week!!! Food is essential for health, culturally significant, and is a significant part of almost every individuals ecological footprint. Dining services has made the consumption of food a healthy, cost effective, and low impact lifestyle choice on campus. Green fund can encourage students
to start projects like this one! $5 per semester fee This grant program is a development tool, an outreach tool, and operational tool. Office
Program Provides tools to staff working in an office environment to lower their impact and promotes cost savings. Several metrics are used to assess and certify the offices as a whole. Based on a very stringent methodology. Outreach and
Community Building This is the most underestimated method to a more sustainable future. People want the tools to make the world a better place. Research Creatively solving the worlds problems, we are a microcosm of an ideal world. Channel:
We Mean Green Nicole Cocco
Outreach Coordinator Sustainability Campus Tours Do you or your group want to see these great initiatives in person? Book a campus tour today. You can e-mail me, or WeMeanGreen@UNT.EDU for more info!
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