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Railway Raiding Party

No description

Joe Phelan

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of Railway Raiding Party

Party The Bedouin Cricket Club
have joined a long list of
sporting fixtures, including ... the FA Cup Final, the Boat Race and Adrian Chiles the Ashes, ..to have been abandoned
somewhere in Berkshire by the
British Broadcasting Corporation SLOUGH READING HIGH WYCOMBE Our planned fixture against BBC Mis-hits at Burnham CC on Sunday 14th August mysteriously didn’t take place Our hosts put this down to a combination of a double-booked pitch and retrograde Mercury. The planets had, however, conspired to deliver a full Bedouin compliment of:. Joe Phelan, Elliot Sherrington, Craig Gourlay, Chris Petter, Robin Harrison, Alexander Balfour, Dan “Rotten to the Core” Hayes, Steve Horsler, Simon Westwood, Sean Graham and The Undertaker. When the mix-up was discovered. Sean Graham promised to visit Broadcasting House with a few boys from the Goldhawk Road Fortunately some cricket
was played A keenly contested game of tennis ball cricket took place with one of the Burnham players’ 9 year old son Very generously, the Burnham Club Captain, Colin, took pity on us poor abandoned fellows (less CP, Westy and Elliot who had all departed for a round of golf somewhere in the Home Counties) and ordered us at least two rounds of beers. After a couple more of these, some of the best cricket ever seen on platform 1 at Taplow Station was played by several Bedu old enough to know better. But this was only after some ‘smashing’ practice, using an impromptu ‘bowling machine’, the apple tree in the station car park. Useful, lest we forget the perils of peaking too soon Think of TE Lawrence leading Faisal’s irregulars to dynamite the Hejaz Railway. Once the nine minutes past six to Paddington whistled by, another taxi was taken to Burnham, where we were assured the London train really did stop Taplow burnham This time, a better audience for platform cricket. We may no longer be one of the Crown Jewels, but we know how to pull off an impromptu cricket-related bender. This may now be time to consider one of the club poems and look ahead to Frinton, the sea-side, and cricket once again played on grass. Scorecard Self-certified by Batsman J Phelan ct Harrison b Newton about 20 (2 station master’s doors
and nick to the signal box)
R Harrison dismissed pulling (through mid-on!) on to the tracks
probably for 4
J Newton disqualified for being left handed and playing off-side
shots on to the Main Line 0
D Hayes retd drunk 122
C Gourlay lbw / (therefore) retd. Hurt 4
C Petter absent
S Horsler dnb
S Westwood absent
A Balfour absent
S Graham absent
E Sherrington absent Total: 42 pints of IPA and a Chalk Farm Marathon Bar Shish Kebab
Extras: 4 Sambuccas
Overs: get over it This picture is fake. It has been photoshopped to support a made up story. No one entered the tracks. [This and many of the other images in this Pathegram have been photoshopped to support the narrative. No tresspassing took place]
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