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a troubled peace

for english II

christopher owen

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of a troubled peace

By: L.M. Elliot
Published: 2009
Genre: War/ Adventure A Troubled Peace Summary Tone Theme This story takes place mainly in France during
WWII. All of the buildings and the environment are destroyed, and the majority of everyone is poor.

This creates an eerie/ tense mood.
Quote From the Book " The last thing in the world I want is for you to go away again. But i don't think you'll rest easy until you know about that little boy. Maybe...maybe you need to go back to France and find Pierre."
- Patsy Forester Plot In this book, there are two main problems, WWII, and Henry is trying to find a boy who saved his life when he was in France hiding from the Gestapo. The boy's name is Pierre, he is eight years old, and he and his family hid and fed Henry for almost a month until the Nazis found Henry and killed Pierre's family. so throughout the whole story, Henry returns to France to search for Pierre while the war is still taking place. The Main Character Henry Forester: Henry is about twenty years-old, and has blonde hair and brown eyes. He use to be a very spirited and happy person until he went to war and was captured by the Gestapo ,(Nazi organization, and held captive for six months. Now he has nightmares almost every night about his time in Germany, and the torturing they put him through. Throughout the book, Henry has to avoid the Nazi Germans while searching for Pierre. He encounters his friends from when he was last in France, and many of them are starving and poor. Near the end of the book, the war is won by the allies and Henry goes to Paris because he heard that a train full of prisoners is coming in and thinks that he will find Pierre. When he gets to the train, everybody gets off and he doesn't find Pierre, but just as he is about to leave, Pierre steps off of the train and he and Henry embrace. Since the boy no longer has a family, Henry sneaks him back to America on a cargo ship where he lives his new life on Henry's farm. The tones that the author used were very serious and dark. There was no humor, and there was death, destruction, and poverty everywhere in the story. I believe that the theme of this book is, no matter how difficult things may seem, never give up. I think so because throughout the novel, the main character is faced with many difficult challenges and enemies. He always wants to quit and forget why he's there, but then he sucks it up and finds a way to do what he needs to. Setting The main character Henry lives on a farm in Chicago, and the time-frame is around 1945. This shows that his mother understood how much he cared about Pierre, and how he is such a caring person. Reference Elliot, Laura. A Troubled Peace. 2009
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