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Texting Laws

No description

Kaylah Mathenge

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Texting Laws

Martin Burt Kuehl
Distracted drivers are 3 times more likely to be in a crash.
Children are 4 times more distracting than adults.
1% of Canada's GDP is used in healthcare for traffic related accidents.

Did you Know?
During disasters or when needed help texting onto social sites could save lives.
After the earthquake in Haiti, Ushahidi was established.
E.g. 2010 Deep water oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, the 2009 influenza pandemic.
Can you guess Ontario's fine for texting while driving.
People Vs. Kuehl
A witness Kyle Chrystal reported that he had turned into the turning lane, didn't move when the light turned green.
Followed Keuhls car into the second lane.
The car swerved into the first lane and killed a pedestrian walking.
Other witnesses also testified.
The judgement was affirmed.
Texting Laws
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