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"Springtime A La Carte" by O Henry

No description

Makayla Dodge

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of "Springtime A La Carte" by O Henry

Gift of the Magi: In the beginning of the story Della
was counting her money at her house in New York
, to buy her husband a gift for Christmas. She realizes after saving for a long time she only saved $1.87.
Springtime a la Carte: In the beginning, we are introduced to the main character, Sarah
. The girl, Sarah, was crying over the menu card in New York
(This is the setting).
"Gift of the Magi" and
"Springtime A La Carte" by O Henry

Initial Incident
Gift of the Magi: In the story the Initial Incident happens when Della goes to take down her hair and decides to sell it to buy a present for her husband.
Springtime a la Carte: The Initial Incident, the story is taking back in Sarah's past, where she made a deal with Schulenberg to type 21 menu cards each day for his restaurant
Rising Action
Gift of the Magi: The rising action occurs when Della cuts all her hair off to sell it for $20. As she buys Jim
a piece to his watch as his gift. When Jim gets home she is worried about what he will think of her hair.
Springtime a la Carte: Sarah falls in love with a farmer named Walter, just outside of New York
Gift of the Magi: Jim comes home and Della's hair was cut short. Jim was very shocked at what he saw but wasn't disappointed. Della shows Jim the gift that she bought him.
Springtime a La Carte: Sarah and Walter plan to get married in Spring, but she has to go back to New York to do her job until they get married
Falling Action
Gift of the Magi: Jim showed Della what he got her for her gift, which was combs for her long hair that she really wanted.
Springtime a La Carte: Sarah does not recieve a letter in regards to her wedding with Walter and it has already been two weeks of Spring, so she is afraid Walter has left her
By Ashley Dickinson and Makayla Dodge
Gift of the Magi: Both Jim and Della realize the gifts they got each other neither of them can use because they sold what they needed for the other half of the gift. Both of them sacrificed something to get the other one a gift.
Springtime a La Carte: Walter had come to New York looking for Sarah, but he then realizes she had moved. He goes to Schulenberg's restaurant and reads one of the menu cards, "Dearest Walter, with hard-boiled eggs". He then asks the manager where Sarah is, and then they reunite.
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