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social issue

No description

Chi Yan Chui

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of social issue

Who are involved? -people at all ages
(52 % teenagers, 48% adults) -Ketamine
-methylenedioxymethamphetamine Rachel Chan (1)
Danika CHui (5)
Amber Li (19) Social Issue-Drug Abuse Who are involved? -people in all fields
students, CEO, Artists
professionals, celebrities
For example:
Jill Vidal, famous HK singer Who are involved? -Teachers, parents, families
(Narcotic Division, Security Bureau)
-Volunteer Organization what will you do? when you are unhappy.. With drugs,
-They can forget everything
-enojoy a moment of joy
-feel better Why? want to fit in
to gain acceptance
want to act "cool" Peer Influence Curiosity bored
think that they won't be addicted COMMON DRUGS Taken in Hong Kong -Delirium
-Dizziness LEADING TO... CONSTANT PRESSURE IMPACTS TO THE ABUSERS hide themselves away Struggle to stop taking drugs Criminal cases IMPACTS TO THE SOCIETY Domestic violence Lower productivity More resources needed Anti Drug Policy Any Solutions? Preventive Education and Drug- Free Publicity
Law enforcement Treatment and Rehabilitation Services -Counseling Centers for abusers
-Social Workers’ Counseling
-Special School: Christian Zheng Sheng Colllege Suggestion to the Govet: Subsidy ($800)
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