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Eytan's Power Web

The power relationships that I am involved with

Eytan Bos Orent

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Eytan's Power Web

Eytan's Power Web My teachers and I share a Foucauldian power relationship due to the fact that I must believe everything that they say in order to learn the things that the state of Texas requires me to. This fits perfectly with Foucault's main idea because he thought that if you people believed everything you say, then you have power over them. My Teachers My Parents My parents have Hobbean power over me because I have given up all of my power over them in order for them to take care of me and grant me peace. Since Hobbe's theory states that people must give up their power for peace, that is exactly what i have done to attain peace. In this Lockean power relationship, I am the one with power over my brother. I have a set of rules that my brother must follow if he wants to play on my Playstion, but if those rules get too ridiculous, then my mother would have to intervene and take my power away. Locke said that if governor uses their power for bad, then that power could be taken away, just like what could happen with me. My Brother My cats are almost like my personal servants, thus making our relationship one based off of Weber's idea of power. His theory was that power is just imposing your will on to somebody else, and that is all that I do with my cats. I can make them walk on only their back legs, as well as make them be Simba when I reenact scenes from The Lion King. My Cats The only difference between my soccer coach is that he chooses if I get to play or not. Thus, I must impress him if I want to be part of his system. This is just like how Gramsci describes the relationship between rich and poor, and how the rich force their ideals on to the poor because the poor want to eventually become rich. My Soccer Coach LASA This is Marxist power relationship. I had to apply to this school in order to become part of the elite society that makes up the student body. I wanted to become a better student, so I came here in order to achieve that
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