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English Faculty Meeting

No description

Michelle Britton

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of English Faculty Meeting

Year ten LTP...where are we?
There's no place I'd rather be...
Data - Snap shot summary
16th June 2014
English Faculty Meeting
Year Ten Data
Analysis and

KS4 3yr LTP

You and your CPD: important changes

Key Stage Three

Gain Time

There's no place
I'd rather be....
Headline figures
A* - C English = 79%
A* - C Maths = 82%
A* - C Eng + Maths = 73%
..Compare that to LP
3LP = 93%
4LP = 43%
5LP = 7%
2013 results...
74% 3LP
34% 4LP

So what does Target v LP and then 2013 to current LP CPP suggest?
main areas of concern:

Very, very top

Very, very middle

Very, very bottom
- No more class time given after this week

-All assignment 3 finals to English office for moderating by Friday 20th

- ALL assignments submitted to EO by 4th July

- S&L proposal is next week's priority
NA Exp PROG plus = 30%
Our Faculty Focus... Observation grades are gone!!!!!
Our Appraisals ... structured and meaningful.

Our CPD... interlaced to support our CPD and dept. goals

.... BETTER!!
KS4 LTP - 3YR plan
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