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Canada west confederation

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Karla reyna

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Canada west confederation

Canada West:
Confederation. Canada West is a colony rich in farmland and forests. Farms are becoming more prosperous and new farm machinery makes the backbreaking work easier. The people of Canada west work as clerks, carpenters, saddlers, brewers, shoemakers, blacksmiths, booksellers, bankers, grocers, hotel keepers, and preachers.
There is some new industries like the small manufacturing companies are producing woolen and leather goods, glass, paint, and furniture. Economy More goods are being manufactured to complete with imported products from Britain and the United States.

There are some problems Men, and women, even children work long hours in dangerous jobs in the factories.

Unemployment is very high, especially in winter when construction projects stop. Transportation and trade Transportation was an important fact in the eighteen hundreds.
They used trains to transport goods from one another.
The cost to make new railways was expensive, Canada west needed to go onto the verge of being bankrupt.
Banks will give the money to make new railways if the colonies unite so that the expenses could be split.
The rail connection with the colonies was very essential for the defense of Canada West.
If the British North America were to be attacked troops will be rushed to Halifax.
There will be no way for the troops (the Maritimes colony) to use a form of water transportation to get to Canada without crossing the United States of America. A railway was highly essential for the trade and defense of Canada West. Transportation and Trade. The early 1860's, the total population of Canada West was approximately 1,396,000 people. Some people living in Canada had been born in Canada. These people that lived in Canada were given the name of “British North Americans”. The cities within Canada were broken up into separate population counts. The colony of Canada West had the greatest population of all the colonies of British North America. The people that lived in Canada had cultures of the French, mainly, while the rest of British North Americans was constructed of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and the remainder consisted of other foreign origins. Population and Culture. Politics In the 1860's each of the colonies had their separate capital city. Sir John A. MacDonald had been Prime Minister at the time leading the Conservative, and was against George Brown and his opposing party, the Reform Party. During this time, there were many political situations. There were political problems such as Canada West wanting more seats in the Assembly. This was a possible idea, in the form of Representation by Population suggested by George Brown because of political deadlock. Political deadlock in the 1860's was because both Canada East and Canada West had identical seats in the Assembly.
Canada East disagreed to use representation by population because Canada West had a larger population than them. Politics Politics Fathers of Confederation John A. Macdonald George Brown William McDougall Alexander Campbell Oliver Mowat James Cockburn William P.Howland Alternatives Alternative I: Our Colony Should Join Others In Confederation. Advantages: - Confederation would change 5 colonies into one huge powerful nation.
-It would allow the colonies to trade with each other without any tariffs.
- A new strong country would attract new people
- Canada confederation would provide other markets for their goods.
- In case of a Fenian attack, or war, the colonies could stand and defend each other.
- The French Rights would be protected.
- If colonies unite, then we will be able to finish the Grand Trunk. Disadvantages: - We will lose our independance.
- We have the most money, that means we need to give it away to the smaller colonies.
- Don't want to make French second language.
- We only want one main language to communicate through
- Too much empty space; it'd be easier if we were each our own separate country.
- We have the largest population so we make up most of the army. Alternative 2: Our Colony Should Not Join Confederation Advantages: - Our colony will have its own freedom and government -When other colonies do ship in goods, we can still tax them high tariffs and make money off them. Alternative 3: Our Colony should Join the United States Advantages: Disadvantages: -If we ever get invaded again, no other colonies will help us
-We will lose money shipping our good over to other colonies
-We need to build the railway to ship goods over, But we are broke, Joining confederation could help split the cost among colonies, but we can’t do that if we’re not joining confederation
- we will be safe.
- If we join we will get more trade, business, and money. Disadvantages: - Lose independence- Lose close ties with Britain Alternative 4: Our Colony Should Only Join a Union of Maritime Colonies -The Maritime provinces can ship over their troops to help us.
-To build a railway to help ship the goods over to other colonies can be split among with the Maritime colonies
-They will not charge us to ship our goods over and we can get goods from other colonies Advantages: Disadvantages: -We cannot receive goods from other colonies other than the Maritime colonies which means we’ll be overstocked on sea food
-Most Maritime colonies use water transportation as their main source of transportation, so they may not help us to make railway tracks
-We may be stuck in a not so good economic way unless we join union with all the British North American colonies Decision We chose to join the colonies in confederation:
Because if the Americans ever threaten to take over again, other colonies can rush their troops here to defend for our country. This will guarantee our safety here and will do all the colonies good. Our troops are weak, but if we join confederation, when we are attacked, the other colonies troops can help us. After Great Britain has called off the trade preference, the best choice we can do is to join confederation. This way, it could transport it’s goods to the other colonies without having to pay high tariffs.
And we will have a good economy. THANK YOU!
for watching the presentation.
By: Karla Reyna.
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