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A Nurse's Job

No description

SarahLyn Douglas

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of A Nurse's Job

Nurses assist doctors and care for patients in hospitals and other health care settings.
Job Description:
A Nurse's Job
preform physical exams and collect patient information
Provide medical treatment to patients, such as bandaging wounds or giving medication
Monitor results of treatments
Keep patients informed
Maintain records and charts, and supervise other nurses and health support staff
Main Duties of a Nurse
Entry Wage $24.71
Median Wage $29.42
Experienced Wage $34.00
Salary hourly
Doctors’ Offices
Nursing Homes
Places of Employment
High school Diploma
Post-Secondary Nursing Program
Associate Degree in Nursing
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
Education Requirements
American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation
Nurse Practitioners in Emergency Care
Uniformed Nurse Practitioner Association
Professional Organization
Therapeutic Services
Health Care Pathway
Get Licensed by the state
Complete College and earn diploma
Pass a certification exam if place of employment requires it
continue education to maintain registration of a nurse
Licenses, Certification, and Registration Requirements
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