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Elements of Fiction

No description

Margaret Eissler

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Fiction

The most important characters
Main Characters
A struggle, or problem, between two opposing forces. Almost every story has a
main conflict
that is the focus of the story.
Characters are the people, animals, or imaginary creatures who take part in a work of literature.
A message about life, or human nature that the writer shares with the reader.
The time and place of the action.
Review....I hope this gets stuck in your heads and you sing it all day
<3 Mrs.E
Elements of Fiction
The series of events in a story.
(The things that happen in a story, in the order that they occur.)
Elements of Plot
Make your short stories mad exciting
Elements of Fiction
Plot has five stages:
1. Exposition
2. Rising Action
3. Climax/ Turning Point
4. Falling Action
5. Resolution
Christmas at Hogwarts!
New York, 1900
New York, 2012
The bathroom at the White House...
during the daytime.
The main character in a story.
A force working
the protagonist in a story.
The Volturi
So, What's the conflict?
Yes. Again.
The first stage of plot; provides background information, introduces the setting and important characters.
Rising Action
The stage of
plot where events occur that make the conflict
plicated. Events build toward the turning point/climax.
The Turning Point/ Climax
The point where the problem is resolved. After the climax, the conflict is gone.
Falling Action
Events th
at show the result(
s) of the climax. What happe
ns after the conflict
is solved.
final outcome of
the story; how it all ends. "The happily ever after"
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