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7th Grade: Edgar Allan Poe Introduction: Unit 1

7th Grade Introduction To Poe. Use with Tone and Mood Prezi.

Alison Androw

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of 7th Grade: Edgar Allan Poe Introduction: Unit 1

Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar and John
* John Allan (Edgar's foster father) was a successful merchant, so Edgar grew up in good surroundings and went to the best schools.

* From age 6 to 11, Edgar and his new family lived in England for several years, which inspired his love for English literature.

*In 1826, Poe moved back to the U.S. and attended the University of Virginia. Even though John had lots of money, he gave Edgar only 1/3 of what he needed. (This made life hard
for Edgar!) School was expensive! He had tuition to pay and books to purchase.
* Edgar needed more money and begged John to help him. John refused. Edgar became very depressed and soon owed more money than he could pay.

* He began to drink heavily and was far in debt.

*He had to quit school less than one year later, because he didn't have the funds to continue. He was devastated. He had always been a great student and loved learning.

Enter The World Of Poe...if you DARE!
* Most famous 19th century author
* Famous for writing horror stories
* The "father" of the modern detective story
* Writing is described a "chilling."
* Had a difficult life, which is reflected in his writing.
PHYSICAL Characteristics:
pale (very pale)
hazel-gray eyes
full red lips
black hair
**Some say that he looked like a vampire...
Physical Poe
* Born on January 19, 1809 in Boston
* His mother (Elizabeth) died when
he was 2. His father (David) died shortly after.
* He was then split up from his brother and sister.
(Henry, Rosalie)
* Henry went to live with their grandparents;
Rosalie was taken in by another family
* Edgar was taken in by the Allans; Mrs. Allan
was very kind to him, but Edgar didn't get along
with John Allan (who was very strict)

A Rough Beginning
Getting By
*Poe moved back to America and had no money or job skills. He was shunned by John Allan, and he wasn't really sure what to do with his life. He had no money, no true family, and no direction.

*Two years later, Mrs. Allan died. Edgar was heartbroken. John Allan seemed to have a change of heart and offered to sign Edgar's application to attend West Point.
While waiting to enter West Point, Edgar went to live with his grandmother. His aunt, Mrs. Clemm, was also living there with her daughter, Virginia. (Edgar's cousin) Edgar's brother Henry was living there as well. It was nice for Edgar to be surrounded by his family again.
West Point!
*Edgar finally enters West Point, which is an elite military school. BUT...he couldn't stay very long because John Allan refused to send Edgar any money.
*Broke again, Edgar couldn't afford it. It is thought that Edgar purposefully broke the rules and ignored his duties so he would be dismissed.
*In 1831, Edgar decides to go to NYC to pursue writing...which he loved. But it was not easy.

*He had no job, no money, and not many friends. He had lots of stories and poetry that he had been writing, but he needed help to get them published.

*Edgar sent a letter to John Allan begging him for help. But no help from John came. *When John fell ill, Edgar rushed to his bedside...hoping to make peace with him. But John Allan threatened to KILL Edgar and forced him to leave.

*In 1834, John Allan died. In his will, he left nothing to Edgar.
Edgar takes a job working for a newspaper, but he ultimately quits the job and tries to start writing his own magazine. Unfortunately, it doesn't go well, and the magazine is a big failure.

Edgar has a bit of success and wins a short story writing contest. He gets one of his stories published. Hooray!

1836- Edgar marries his cousin, Virginia. She was 13. He was 27. (Yikes!)

*He tries publishing some more of his stories, but they don't sell well.
*He barely has enough money to support his family.

1844- Poe and his family move back to NY.

1845- Becomes an editor of a magazine in
New York, but the magazine runs out of money. Poe loses his job.
*Edgar is incredibly stressed because he has no money and no job.

*Virginia, his wife, becomes very sick. She dies of tuberculosis ten days after Edgar celebrates his birthday.

*Poe collapses from heartbreak and stress. His health begins to suffer.

*It takes him one year to get back on his feet...emotionally and physically.
Edgar's Final Days
(Sept. 27) Poe leaves NY and goes to Philadelphia to stay with a friend.

(Sept. 30) He takes the wrong train home and winds up in Baltimore, Maryland rather than NY.

(Oct. 2) He is found outside on the street, delirious and ill. He is taken to the hospital. He lapses in and out of consciousness and has no idea what happened to him.

(Oct. 7) Edgar dies.
Mysterious Death
No one knows what happened to Poe. There are lots of theories.
Here are some:
-Alcoholism -Poisoning
-Brain Lesions -Heart Problems
-Cats -Tuberculosis
-Mugged -Gas lighting


Have you ever suffered from anxiety? (You've been so nervous/anxious about something that you had a panic attack?)

In the Poe story we are about the read, a character has overly-acute senses. What does this mean? How would this be a blessing? A curse?
Have you ever fainted / passed out? What did it feel like? In the story, a character deals with this to an extreme measure. What complications might arise from this?
Read To...
-Do you see any foreshadowing?
-What suspense strategies did Edgar use?
-How did this story reflect his life?
-What is the theme of the story?
-What is the tone of the story?
-What mood did it generate?
-Identify Poe's purpose (PIE)
-Do you think Dahl was influenced by Poe?
Mock Trial
Roderick Usher is on trial for the death of Lady Madeline. Is he guilty or innocent? What should be done with him? With your group, come up with the answers to these questions and then form a paragraph or two with your findings. You will share it with the class in 'Point and Accuse' style. Make sure you have TEXTUAL EVIDENCE!!!
We're going to spend 7 minutes with Edgar Allan Poe. Use your writing journals. Be prepared to jot some notes as you read!

DISCLAIMER: It's done in a comical way, so some information is just silly! You'll be able to tell the difference.
Let's share what you
learned about Poe!

Background Information: GRAVE ROBBERS (this will help you understand why a character in the Poe story makes a certain decision)
Let's Read "The Fall of the House of Usher"
-Do you see any foreshadowing?
-What suspense strategies did Edgar use?
-How did this story reflect his life?
-What is the theme of the story?
-What is the tone of the story?
-What mood did it generate?
-What was Poe's purpose? (PIE)
-Do you think Dahl was influenced by Poe?
POE-stcard Assigment
You will watch a short video clip and then assume the role of one of the character's in the story. You'll write a short postcard entry detailing an event that you witnessed.
This marks the end of this
Another Tragedy
Edgar Allan Poe:
Introduction Complete
Poe's Stories
: Straightfoward, observant, scientific

: Dreary, solomn, creepy, and melancholy

: death, decay, tombstones, grave sights, black cats, and a dark setting
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