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Action Verbs

Lesson presentation

Jennifer Tempio

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Action Verbs

a verb that describes an action or activity.
Think! Ask! Answer! Learn! Action Verbs! Can someone give me
some action verbs? Find the action verbs in these sentences. Michael B. brings snacks to school every day.

Miss Tempio loves to teach.

The window opens and closes.

I like books.

Let's watch a movie. I want you to find the verb and underline the predicate! Mrs. Iraggi grades a lot of tests.

Lily writes in script every morning.

C.J. eats chocolate for lunch.

Jason and Michael take the bus to school every morning.

Every morning, Colin gathers all of his books. Finally! I need to circle the subject. I need to find the action verb. I need to underline the predicate. Whenever I get an "A," I jump up and down!

I complete my homework every night.

Every morning, I drink some orange juice.

I help my friends when they need me.

I feel a little sick.

Watch this video. Look for action verbs!
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