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Rancho el partner

Rox , Maria , Leo , José Luis

Rox Rox

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Rancho el partner

Rancho El Partner is a 100% Mexican company began operating in 2000, placing the edge of Highway 57 Querétaro-San Luis Potosí km 134.
Founded as a family business in two hectares only produced tomatoes and vegetables Ball.

Thanks to several government projects (PROCAMPO) began to grow and in 2006 it was transformed into a greenhouse.
Now its production is pepper in different colors (Red, Yellow and Orange) Beef and Tomato Roma Tomato, carrot, potato, apple, strawberry, peach and beans (seasonal products).
Meet with the guidelines of safety and quality in our products to arrive fresh to final consumers.
• Quality
• Commitment
• Honesty
• Disclaimer
• Service
Manuals of procedures
Partner for the ranch is very important that employees continue to literally every one of the procedures are as
• Check for timely entry time, not exceeding the 10 min of tolerance.
• Entering the greenhouse make sure to wash hands thoroughly.
• Do not bring food.
• Bring hat, long-sleeved shirt and tennis.
• Once inside the work area is strictly prohibited touching your face or any part of the body similar, otherwise proceed to fire him.
• Do not eat any crop product, otherwise will be subject to a fine.
• Use in hair nets.
In our company is done what is the most knowledgeable mentoring helps the least known.
That the final consumer to identify our brand quality required of a vegetable packing, trusting the health of your family in the products of our company and we highly recommend to achieve growth in the domestic market that allows us to cover the border market the northern neighboring country.
Rancho Partner we are committed to the safety of our food production, keeping the requirements of our customers with process control and continuous improvement in each of the key processes of the organization, based on the system implementation schemes SQF and destination market regulations.
Company Policies
Our company carries out a very simple system because when staff needed ads are outside of the company requesting the number of workers required.
Organization chart
Location in a suitable climate region which helps us to have a long cycle. (May to December).
Sufficient supply of water.
Location in a central strategic location in which we can move our national products to the cities of Aguascalientes, Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Nuevo Leon.
In certification process by SENASICA Safety And SQF.
Missing Manuals Production (are being developed with the certification process)
Lack of a doctor.
Best Prices of vegetables in North America (export and sell in Arizona).
Our clients request Brand PARTNER.
Sinaloa is the largest producer of tomato and cheaper.
Oversupply of product on the market.
Excessive payment within American Customer
Organized Crime.
Unexpected weather which can rain too or cause great damage, excessive rain, hail or frost.
Areas for improvement
 Create an office that has enough staff to assist workers in cases of accidents.
 Hiring security service for the export path
 Implement a uniform for all employees
 Have training for better management in the greenhouse
 Create a motivation system for workers to enable them to get an incentive.
Improvement 2015
Levelling of all greenhouses.
 balanced pressures in inv. 7 and 8
 4 hectares in three hydroponic greenhouses
Completion  irrigation system 3
Uniformity  droppers and picks
Thumbnail  valves
Replacing 50% of plastic and partly of the side
 Connection accesses.
Business Areas
Greenhouse farming land.
Hydroponic greenhouse cultivation
Crop mesh shade
Line selection and packing pepper
Selection line of tomato
Washer cash

In this work we were able to realize that this company has great growth potential, but like any other company has small flaws in its organizational planning, yet the company manages a series of quality and is aware of some of its flaws and currently is working to improve them. We realize that we are an entrepreneurial company since the start with minimal facilities and equipment, and currently have a broad range of technology.This investigation found that the company has great growth potential due to its quality control, however has small flaws in its organizational planning that are limiting but is already working on the correction and improvement.
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