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English4callcenters .com

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of B3W2D4

{had+past participle}
I had eaten
You had eaten
He had eaten
She had eaten
It had eaten
We had eaten
They had eaten
I had not eaten
you had not eaten
he had not eaten
she had not eaten
it had not eaten
we had not eaten
they had not eaten
Had I eaten?
Had you eaten?
Had he eaten?
Had she eaten?
Had it eaten?
Had we eaten?
Had they eaten?
Grammar Review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
“I am a champion”
“ I speak with energy”
“English is very easy”
“I am successful”
1. I ____ worked for 10 days-
a) have
b) has not
c) has

2. John and Cindy ____ studied
a) Has not studied
b) don't have studied
c) have not studied

3. Mark has not____ a car.
a) buyed
b) buying
c) bought

Grammar Test
Solve the following test using the grammar you have learned.
4. ____ you smoked weed?
a) has
b) have
c) do

5. Ken has not ___ soda
a) drink
b) drunk
c) drank
Choose the correct answer
Fluency diet review
Review the stars/goal/melody and have all the students repeat 10 times the answer.
Tell me about a lie you have said.
17 min - 5 reps each

Describe the house of your dreams.
17 min - 5 reps each

What will you do with your first paycheck?
17 min - 5 reps each
Once I lied to my mom, because I broke her favorite vase while i was plying with a ball in the living room, so I told my mom that I was cleaning the house and when I was sweeping I broke it by accident. She got very angry and at the end I felt bad because I had lied to her.
Practice your reading skills by reading the following text
Recently, it has snowed in Maria's town. In the last week, it has snowed three times. Maria has always loved the snow. She has played in the snow many times before.

Maria's dog, Sparky, has never played in the snow. This is Sparky's first snow. He has not felt the cold yet.

Maria has just received a new sled for Christmas. She puts on her warm clothes and snow boots. She pulls the sled up the hill. Sparky has run outside with Maria. Sparky has followed Maria up the hill. He feels good!

Maria has finally reached the top. She sits on her sled. She rides down the hill. Sparky runs beside the sled. They have finally reached the bottom. Sparky has followed Maria all the way down the hill. Sparky has decided that he likes the snow too!
Don't forget your melody
What kind of...?
How long...?
Remember to use natural words:
Let me see / let me think, actually, probably
Practice WH questions
30 seconds non-stop
6. She ____ slept for 3 days
a) have
b) has not
c) having

7. Roger and Shery ____ the dinner
a) Has not prepared
b) don't have prepared
c) have not prepared

8. Mary has not____ the message.
a) sended
b) sent
c) sending

Grammar Test
Solve the following test using the grammar you have learned.
9. ____ you seen the rain?
a) has
b) have
c) do

10. Elizabeth has not ___ the car
a) drive
b) drove
c) driven
Choose the correct answer
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