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Ryan McCallum | Technology Integration Specialist | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Peter Leffek

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Teamwork

Module codes: 2025
Programme codes 325
Total 2350
Students: 19812
Staff: 2848
Mission critical
"getting the data integration sorted was the key to mainstraming use of VLE #BbTLC10
BLE Coordinator
School Administrators
MIS Team
Systems Team
TLT Team
Turnitin: Plagiarisn check, GradeMark, PeerMark
Elluminate: Voice conferencing tool and recording tool
Echo360: lecture capturing tool
Wimba Voice tools: consisting of 5 components: voice board, email, podcast, authoring
LIDC search tool: for LIDC
Learning Objects: various web2.0.tools such as wikis/blogs.
Content System: is a repository for data, separate from that uploaded into individual modules within the BLE.
Example courses
•BBK_BCBC040H6_2008 BBK_Birds: diversity, evolution and conservation (2008/9)
•BBK_HR_Equality_2009 BBK_Equality, Diversity and You
BBK_MOMN069H6_2009 BBK_Strategic Management (2009/0)
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