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Skinny models should be banned in the fashion industry

No description

Charley Charley

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Skinny models should be banned in the fashion industry

Skinny models should be
banned in the fashion industry Argument 1: the effect on the society -Skinny models in advertising
-Young girls want to look like the models
- people had anorexia or bulimia
- suffered from anorexia nervosa
- suffered from bulimia nervosa
-95% of them were women 25.000 5000 to 6000 20.000 -Health of models is in serious danger
Unhealthy modelingindustry Argument 2: Argument 3: Unneccesary -The British Warwick Business School has studied skinny models
-Women react adversely
-Skinny models are unnecessary Skinny doesn't mean unhealthy Argument 1: - A law banning any model with a BMI under 18.5
- naturally very slim
- banned from earning a living Fashion should be there for all sizes Argument 2: - Skinny models vs. plus-size models
- Banning one group is unfair Their job Argument 3: - It's their job to stay thin
- Skinniness is professionally necessary Questions? -Fashioncompanies only manufacture size zero

-The pressure of losing weight will ensure malnutrition and serious eating disorders
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