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The Well of Lost Plots

No description

Nicole Bohn

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The Well of Lost Plots

Plot Witches Thou Shalt be bellman thereafter Beware the thrice read rule UltraWord new plots! character identification! PageGlow! Reader Preferences! read faster! No more grammasites! Writing Process It's all in the book world Plotsmiths The Well of Lost Plots The beginnings of all writing Unpublished novels Character Generation Generics start from the boring beginnings build character! The Sword of the Zenobians sanctuary minotaur mispeling vyrus Sapphire only 8 jurisfiction members have access Jurisfiction Eject-O-Hats used to escape quickly Thursday's fails Escapes to book world through stolen Eject-O-Hat Thirsty - Wode - Cone, udder whirled - doughnut trieste Copies Miss Havisham Perkins Deane Snell Tweed The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde Outlanders Testing UltraWord Subplots Gran Thursday Next Tweed Miss Havisham Deane Perkins Bellman Bradshaw Snell Aornis Generic 1 Generic 2 It will change the way you read! character vacations! Thinker Observant Honest Helpful Protective Teacher Knowledgeable Goal setter Gullible Controling Trusting Leader Deceptive Convincing Achiever Promises Well of Lost Plots 26 floors Dark Dangerous Numerous shelves Unpublished
novels Creation of
novels Caversham
Heights Residence Mystery Everything
mentioned in book Setting Great Library 26 floors all published
novels Sense and Sensibility Anti-Mispeling Fast
Response Group Sword of the
Zenobians Sanctuary Abandoned Fantasy Laboratory Dark Dictosafe Minotaur Mispeling
vyrus Norland Park Jurisfiction Creative Caring Daring Observant Risky Selfless Caring Sneaky Adventurous Understanding Understanding Forgiving Helpful Intellectual Revenge Devious Cruel ibb Lola Girly Enthusiastic obb Randolph Mentor-figure Stubborn Danger! Tragedy! Characters
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