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The Toulmin

No description

Mario Merchant

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Toulmin

The inference that connects the claim to the grounds
The statement that supports the claim
Often appears in the same sentence withe the claim
Connected by the word "because"
In an s argumentative essay this is the thesis statement
The should not be a ban on
stereotyped aggressive dog breeds in
cities, communities, or apartments.
Because aggressive dogs can be trained as family pets
if researched and cared for respectfully
Concrete evidence used to support the claim
The facts /observations that uphold the thesis
Often the opinion of an expert found while doing research
The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that there was not genetic evidence that one breed of dog is more dangerous than others
Often an unstated assumption
An idea that's agreed on
The owner should be allowed to have a dog no matter what breed, in the city limits, communities or apartments if they take proper care of the dog
The evidence that supports the warrant
Dogs that have high energy behave better if they receive attentive play and exercise to complete their proper care regimen.
If the owner is aware when they get the breed that it needs attentive play and exercise, there would be less problems with attacks.
The main point of your essay
A debatable statement
Supported by the rest of the essay
There should not be a ban against Pit Bulls or any other aggressive dog breeds, in the city limits, communities or apartments
Refutations of opposing arguments
Some people argue that owners will not provide the proper training therefore they are at risk to get attacked by a dog.
Instead of passing laws to ban dog breeds that are intimidating to some people, they could pass laws or rules that require the pet to go through obedience school.
Real world conditions that makes the claim fact.
Sometimes people will get bit if they approach a scared dog or do not respect the dogs territory.
Statements that limit the claim
Here is a promt for the opposing side of our argument
The argument is that the ban on these dogs breeds is a good thing
7 out you got cards before our presentation
Now using your knowledge from how we have demonstrated a "Toulmin Argument" come up and place your card under the category you think it best fits
Is your card CLAIM, REASON, GROUNDS, WARRANT, BACKING, REBUTTAL, or QUALIFIER???????????????????????????
There should be a ban placed on aggressive
dog breeds

There should be a ban placed on aggressive dog breeds because there have been too many attacks on humans from those type of dogs
Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T., Companion animal programs advisor, for National Outreach states that every year in the United States, 800,000 dog bites are severe enough to need medical treatment; 17 are fatal. Fifty percent of all American children are bitten by a dog before the age of 13.
This ban will provide protection for the people from these animals.
From experience people claim that if the dogs are not around then no incidents will happen to the community that may be fatal.
Some people argue that they can train the dog to behave but not all owners of aggressive animals will make the effort to train their dog.

This ban, if set in place, should prevent attacks from happening and the community should be happy.
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