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Provincial Government Structuring

No description

Kaitlin Chan

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Provincial Government Structuring

Provincial Government
What are the responsibilities of the provincial government?
The provincial government has many responsibilities including providing Education, Energy, and Tourism etc. Some of the services that the provincial government are schooling, civil law, health and social services, highways, and local government.
How are
representatives chosen at the provincial level?
The representatives at the provincial level are elected by a voting process. The candidate with the most votes in each constituency becomes the constituent leader or Member of Legistlative Assemby (MLA). The party with the most MLAs forms the majority provincial government. Their elected leader becomes the Premier.
The Structure and Function
How is the provincial government structured?
The Provincial Government is made up of the premier and of his/her cabinet ministers. The are 20 ministers in Alberta. The provincial government has three arms. The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
Roles and Responsibilities of an Individual
What are the differences between the responsibilities of a MLA and a Cabinet Minister?
What is the role and status of the Lieutenant Governor?
The Lieutenant governor represents the Crown. Our system government is a constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada and Head of State. Lois Mitchell is the lieutenant governor of Alberta.
By: Kaitlin Chan
Thank You!!!
The difference between the responsibilities of a MLA and a cabinet minister is that the cabinet minister is in charge of departments and a MLA is in charge of a constituency.
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