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Choosing Bilingualism

No description

Jenna Hasley

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Choosing Bilingualism

Choosing Bilingualism Cartier wanted Francophones and Anglophones to be equal partners. He, Macdonald, and their followers agreed that the new country should have both French and English as its official languages. This would mean that either language could be used in the Parliament of Canada and in the federal courts. Records of speeches and debates would also be kept in both official languages. In the new province of Quebec, Canadiens would be the majority. Their provincial government could control schools, religion, and the court system. Quebec also chose to protect the Anglophone minority in its province. English was made an official language in the Quebec government, and Anglophone had their own schools and hospitals. Later, Francophones minorities in other provinces were disappointed that they were not treated in the same way.
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