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Connected Culture


Incarnation Catholic

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Connected Culture

Social Media is when people talk to people about things. It's where people blog, video, and write about things. You can tag, rate, and post comments.

Social Media
You need to check who it is made by, compare to other websites, and double check if its right. This is how to check with your information.
Connected Culture
Why should WE connect?
People update what they do each day. People make blogs to tell each other stories. They tell each other their thoughts on the world. This shows how people connect to each other, connect to each others lives.
What people do on social media.
We all share information online to help each other.
But some things are true and others are not true.
You need to figure out how to get the right info.
But you can't just grab information from others. This is just like stealing. To stop yourself from stealing information you need to do this. You have to have the person's name or website and make a bibliography. This helps you be truthful on where you got your info.
Social Networking

This is when you friend people. They recommend you to other people and then they show you a job or etc. This is how social networking works.
Some of us use this to achieve goals. You can achieve your own goals. You should go out and interact with each other to help each other.
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