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The Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland

Ms. Fletcher`s class

Sabrina Derkovic

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland

The Princess Mouse This is a Tale of Finland This folktale is about a man who has two sons who need to each find a sweetheart. They each have to cut down a tree and head in the direction the tree fell in. They both had to find their sweetheart there. Mikko cut the tree and it pointed towards the woods, his brother did the same and it pointed towards a farm. Mikko`s brother got a beautiful women with gorgeous long hair. Mikko got a little mouse as his sweetheart. Their father instructed them to tell their sweethearts to make them each a fine cloth. Mikko`s brother`s sweetheart made him nice and pretty piece of cloth. The mouse (Mikko`s sweetheart) made him a beautiful piece of cloth also. Their father judged both the cloth`s and the mouse made the finer cloth. The day of the wedding came, when his brother saw Mikko`s sweetheart in her small nutshell carriage he kicked her and the other mice into the river. Mikko screamed at his brother "What did you do I loved her!" To Mikko and his brothers`s surprise, a carriage and four black horses came out of the river. Out of the carriage stepped a beautiful princess. She told Mikko, "A witch enchanted me, and the spell could be broken only by one brother who wanted to marry me and another who wanted to kill me." The characters are- Mikko
Mikko`s brother
Mikko`s father
Little Mouse Problem-The little mouse was once a beautiful princess got turned into a little mouse by an awful witch. Settings-
family farm
cottage in the woods
bank of a lovely,swift-flowing stream The hero is Mikko because when wanted to marry the little mouse he turned her back into the beautiful princess. The lesson learned is don`t judge someone by what or who they are because just like the little mouse there could be a beautiful prince/princess inside of them. The capital of Finland is Helsinki. The dialing code (area code) is 358.They use Euros since they are a European country. the population is 5,402,758 ( January 2012)the population growth rate in 2012 is 0.4%. The official languages are the Finnish and Swedish languages. The president is elected for a 6-year term, 2 years longer than the term in America. The Finland Flag A little bit about Finland This is a traditional dress of Finland. The landscape in Finland consists of mountains, forests, hills, and rivers. The religions of Finland are:
-79.7% Christian
-1.1% Orthodox
-and the rest is Islam, Jewish, and Buddha. Holidays:
-New years Day is on January 1
-Epiphany is on January 6
-Good Friday is on a Friday in April
-Easter is two days after good Friday and lasts for two days
-May Day Eve is on April 30
-May Day is on May 1
-Ascension Day is on a Thursday in May
-Whitsun is ten days after Ascension Day
-Midsummer is on a Friday and Saturday in June
-All Saints Day is about one hundred thirty-four days after Midsummer
-Independence Day is on December 6
-Christmas Eve is on December 24-25
-Boxing Day is on December 26 They eat moose, reindeer stew, mashed potatoes, lingonberries, black sausage, liver rice with butter, coffee and pastry, pate, beet salad, bread cheese and cloudberry jam, and green soup. The End Sabrina Derkovic
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