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Allstars 2014-2015

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of SPACE RACE

A little metal ball less than two feet in diameter rocketed into space, creating a scientific space race that lasted eighteen years.
The scary thing about the space gear that Sputnik created was that the same technology could be used to launch a nuclear head at any city or state.
Mobile satellites and GPS wounldn't be here if it wasn't for the space race.
Flatten it out

As you know the race for space is a technolagy race to come up with the best equipment to send a living organisim into outer space.
Space exploration! If we get 2 a point where u don't understand something,and you have a question just keep it in your head and we will get 2 a time for questions at the end. if u don't already know about Space Exploration then make sure to listen. Also listen because we are going to ask questions at the end to see if you were listening!! NO FALLING ASEEP!!!!! THIS IS INPORTENT!!!!
By:Abby and Kate
astronomers get intreged by a metal ball blisting into space, what if a living orinisam went out there. They knew reaching reaching for the stars literily isn't going to be easy. Speaking that we couldn't get passed the clouds. Technology was being created all over the world.
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