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min jeong lee

on 24 November 2012

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Love Motels or all of the quirks of traveling in South Korea,
marked with glowing icon.

"Love motel" is more of an unfortunate nickname as a place for providing a convenient to have secret love affairs sex, cheating spouses,
entering and leaving the property without showing your face (as aided by the plastic draped parking lot and the small window through which you communicate with the front desk clerk).

Emerged since 1980s F Jjimjilbang
(a Korean Bathhouse & Sauna) To take rests with close friends
If someone come to join to the JJimjilbang even when they are called midnight, we feel a sense of closeness.

A place for sleeping
Someone would preferably choose to stay overnight there instead a Love Motel or a Hotel as a matter of a personal choice! popular for Korean couples for a date . to eat, read, listen to music, sleep together. When it comes to broadband penetration, South Korea is
the world leader with an 90 percent penetration rate.
With a population of 49mil. 40mil internet subscribers as of June, 2010, 81.1% of the population.

Gross Domestic Product:GNI per capita is (ppp) US$ 20,265 according to I.M.F Korea ranks at the top whether it be
high-speed internet access or
the % of the cell phones users. Christian 26.3% (Protestant 19.7%, Roman Catholic 6.6%), Buddhist 23.2%, other or unknown 1.3%, none 49.3% Roughly half the population of South Korea describe themselves as having no religon, but Religion & Symbols Values Koreans view obediance, protection of family, hard work, and proper decor as Important values. The country of courteous people in the East The Three Principles (Samgang):
1.Loyalty to your government and country.
2.Respect for your parents.
3.Fidelity and chastity to your mate. The Five Ethical Codes (Oryun):
1.Righteousness and justice between governors and the citizens.
2.Distinction (different roles) between husband and wife.
3.Order (respect and protection) between young and old.
4.Closeness (love) between parent and child.
5.Trust between friend and friend. •Age: to respect our parents and other older people.
•Economic relationship: treat the auto mechanic and the restaurant waiter differently
•Authority: expected to show respect to government officials But maybe not quite as rigid as before. Confucian traditions is now being shattered education as exremely important and competetive as
English for kindergartners
studying abroad
short-term language programs Kangnam 8 Catchment Yaja Evening Class until 10pm the goal is to get into a good college
This is certainly the case for
all Korean university students. Internet Addiction, Internet Game Addiction
Online Chatting for prostitution, pornography, sex deal,..
Identity Theft
Digital Advertising with Spam Mails
Suicidal Cyber Community Dangers
Facing Korean Young People Today Korean
School Uniform Fashion Wrapping Cloth Bojaggi It has started from Goguryeo Kingdom.

In recent years, by improving Hanbok both practicality and convenience are sought after with many variations and reformation of the design. Hanbok An ondol=gudeul, in Korean traditional architecture, is underfloor heating.
Uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor.
The heated floor is supported by stone slabs, clay and an impervious layer such as oiled paper. Its own style when it comes to food, Korea's style normaly has a tangy, salty and spicy flavor to it. adjacent to the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
Along with hundreds of shops, the mall houses two food courts, a 16-screen multi-cinema complex, an aquarium attraction, a large bookstore, and the Kimchi Field Museum A total of 27 bridges cross the Han River are
From the west to the east Hangang Railway Bridge and Hangang Bridge Ilsan Bridge; 일산대교
Gimpo Bridge; 김포대교
Haengju Bridge; 행주대교
Banghwa Bridge; 방화대교
Gayang Bridge; 가양대교
Seongsan Bridge; 성산대교
Yanghwa Bridge; 양화대교
Dangsan Railway Bridge; 당산철교
Seogang Bridge; 서강대교
Mapo Bridge; 마포대교
Wonhyo Bridge; 원효대교
Hangang Railway Bridge; 한강철교
Hangang Bridge; 한강대교
Dongjak Bridge; 동작대교
Banpo Bridge with Jamsu Bridge; 반포대교와 잠수교
Hannam Bridge; 한남대교
Dongho Bridge; 동호대교
Seongsu Bridge; 성수대교
Yeongdong Bridge; 영동대교
Cheongdam Bridge; 청담대교
Jamsil Bridge; 잠실대교
Jamsil Railway Bridge; 잠실철교
Olympic Bridge; 올림픽대교
Cheonho Bridge; 천호대교
Gwangjin Bridge; 광진교
Gangdong Bridge; 강동대교
Paldang Bridge; 팔당대교 Patbingsu Patbingsu is very popular summer snacks.
Patbingsu is made with red beans, ice , rice cube cakes , milk syrup , etc. Fruit, ice cream, or jelly are added as toppings upon your favorites. It looks snow mountain because ice cubes are finely shaved. Dog Soup
invigorating food for energy recharge Ojinguhs are popular dry food snacks and it’s the closest equivalent of a Korean beef jerky.

Enjoyed by Koreans of all ages but especially popular while drinking beer or soju as “anju” or drinking snacks. Dried Squid. Still okay? Hangover stew Koreans have 2 weirdest foods:
one of them is
live octopus More side dishes than main dishes it food Striking Fashion Consciousness
in the World Koreans are the best-dressed, most fashionable and stylish in the world. Korean couples also like to “match”. Korean couples love to wear couple fashion.
They wear Couple Look for their 100th days memorial date to celebrate. The term is very Konglish and illuminates Korean culture well.
They wear the same hats, T-shirts, or other clothing to show off in public. This is the signature style of
Korean hikers Hiking could be a professional sport in colorful brand sports gear. Koreans(Ajumma & Ajjeossi) are too loud in public places and sometimes sound as if quarrelling Korean Ajumma:
their powers and unique FASHIONS Kim Yuna began skating when she was seven.
Kim Yuna is a huge celebrity in South Korea, appearing in various commercials. kim yuna Discrimination Based on Looks
Sexual Discrimination
Why not Plastic Surgery? Are Boys better?

Before & After Couple
Cellphone Straps are a Must Shoes Lifts BB Cream:
Korea’s Best Kept Secret
to Gorgeous Skin! the hallyu (wave) of Korean cosmetics in Asia started in 2005 with the launch of the BB Cream.

BB stands for "Blemish Balm" and dermatologists initially used it to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and regenerate their highly sensitive skin while also providing good coverage for post-laser scars and redness. Wear a Korean mini blanket cape Fashionable Koreans buy
Glasses with NO actual glass For seven years in a row (2005–2012), it was rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International. It takes only 16 minutes for departure and 12 minutes for arrival process, which is far above the global standards of 60 and 45 minutes respectively located 48 km (30 mi) west of Seoul Art of TV Watching & Driving No Tipping random freebies,
"gongzza" "saeunpoom" A Time Killer:
Favorite Metro Pastime A row of Seoul metro-ites & all of them are glued to their cellphone TVs and games. 24-hour study rooms Koreans study “too” hard and work “too” hard
Myth or fact? The country topped the list of OECD member states last year in terms of the average number of hours each Korean works per year, which stood at 2,193. Chile came next with 2,068 hours, followed by Russia (1,976), the U.K. (1,647) and the U.S. (1,778). 1 in 3, 30 percent of people surveyed
considered themselves a workaholic. Couple couches at movie theaters a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea.
In Korean, tae (, ) means "to strike or break with foot"; kwon (, ) means "to strike or break with fist"; and do (, ) means "way", "method", or "path". Thus, taekwondo may be loosely translated as "the way of the hand and the foot." It combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, and in some cases meditation and philosophy. In 1989, Taekwondo was the world's most popular martial art in terms of number of practitioners. It has been an Olympic event since 2000. Pojangmacha Why Koreans love drinking in tents places where you can feel completely comfortable eating and drinking alone a street bar with a plastic tarp for a wall

might not be the cleanest places, illegal and unsanitary
there’s just something comforting about them Soju
=the national drink Soju ranks first and third place in the global spirits sales rankings of 180 brands. The amount of soju sold is 5 times that of Johnnie Walker (Whiskey).

The two top Korean soju brands Chamisul and Chum-Churum took first and third place.

Korea topped the rank of the amount of alcohol consumed in spirits such as soju and whisky, with 9.57 liters.

might not be the cleanest pla illegal and unsanitary
there’s just something comfor about them Kimbap Nara or KimBap Chungguk) Menus are always in Korean.
At the orange facade joints A Norae bang A bang for every occasion Sleeping is for losers A kiss bang a PC bang a DVD bang 'Well-being' mania 24 Hours Quick Delievery Service and 'Taekbae' Taekbae companies are delivery services that can ship anything within Korea. If you live in the suburbs and are in a major city to do some shopping or buying a lot of books at Kyobo and don't want to lug everything around with you all day or all weekend, you can ask the store you are at to call a service to ship it for you. And usually for quite cheap. A big stack of books to be sent an hour or two away can often cost 4-5000 won. Also, you can walk into any major convenience store like 7-11, Family Mart, Buy The Way, etc... and ask the clerk to call and you can leave your bags or luggage there for pickup to be delivered. is also a good option to consider if you are arriving or leaving Korea from the suburbs or a rural area and have a lot of luggage to carry with you to the airport or your local destination Vegetarians are hard to find but
Korean food is nutritionally balanced South Korea boasts of an obesity rate of just 3.5%
contrast with the likes of the United States (34.4%), the U.K (25%), Mexico (30%) and New Zealand (25% The most common ingredients used in Korean cuisine are vegetables, sparingly used beef-preferably lean beef, and grilling, stir-frying, stewing and fermenting are the most popular ways to cook Korean cuisine, all of which means that the foods are cooked in their own juices. Girl Groups popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu such as Latin America, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Country of 'Drama queen'
According to the latest data from OECD the highest suicide rate among industrialized nations, 28 out of 100,000 Koreans took their own lives in 2009 — nearly triple the rate in the U.S. On any given day in Korea, an average of 40 people kill themselves.

Analysts attribute to cutthroat competition for successful in school grades and good prestigious college , good jobs, the emphasis on appearances and the importance of money No 1 what they come into foreigners mind at first orth Koreans in South
Korea(Talbukja or Sateomin) nearly 30,000 as of 2010 with the mandatory three month training before being released to find their place in South Korean society. A Poll about One Korea JSA, 25,000 US Troops in Korea 25% of refugees are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, they feel anxiety, they can have phobia against the people, nearly 1/2 NK in the university drop off. In a recent January 2011 survey by the KBS, 71.6% of respondents favored reunification of the two Koreas. In addition, in the same survey, nearly 70% of respondents indicated that they were willing to pay the costs of reunification, WHILE 26.6% SAID THEY WOULD NOT. While the majority of South Koreans seem to favor reunification, there is growing ambivalence about the timing and nature of reunification. Nearly half of the respondents in the KBS survey envisioned a relatively gradual process of unity, with 24.6% indicating that it could happen within 10 years and 24% citing a time frame of 20 years. North Korea N Shoe Etiquette in the Classrooms Corporal punishment is still in effect in
the Korean educational system.
It is allowed, although there has been the new system tightening this up since 2010. S
L When they remove their outdoor shoes, they change into house slippers upon entering the school building.
To Foreigners korean school sandals remind them of swimmer’s shoes or toilet sandals! Students take responsibility for the cleanliness of their school. Common punishment (though not coporeal) for young ones is hands out or raised in air. by far the most expensive national project with the total cost US$14 billion

300km/hr from Seoul to Pusan 45,000won within 2.5hrs KTX Bullet Train Since 2004
KTX Korea Train eXpress Speed Limit: 300KPH[km/h]
The Seoul - Pusan line some Gyeongbu line and
the Honam line synohronous opening to traffic. With a feast including rice, sea mustard soup, steamed white rice cakes, and five-colored Songpyeon with family's friends and relatives. The rice cakes are distributed to 100 neighbors. The white rice cake represents innocence, and five-colored songpyeon harmony. In Korea, the first 100 days is a very special time for parents and a newborn baby. It is the time that increases the newborns potential of success on earth. Historically, the survival rates before the first 100 days was very minimal, the rates would drastically increase after the first 100 days. thanks to Samsin (the three gods who take care of the baby's life while growing up) a child's 100 day birthday (baek-il) Young people turning 20 to declare his/her entrance to manhood/womanhood.
For the ceremony,
the put up their hair to wear a gat (hat)
in the case of a man
a jok in the case of a woman. by inviting village elders and giving a party was a
common sight but it is becoming a rare occasion as more people celebrate their
entrance into adulthood in a more westernize ritual. The 70th birthday is called "chil soon” and the 80th “pal soon”, both of which are occasions for huge celebration. When you are invited to a hwan gap party, you bring some money in an envope and give it to the family. funerals are held in their homes or at the hospital.
The traditional funeral outfit for the family memebers of the deceased is made of hemp. However, more and more people wear western style clothes today – men wear a black suit with a black tie while women wearing a white hanbok. Instead they put on hemp hats, armbands and hair clips to show their grief. Measuring the baby's future when baby choose among the thread, pencil, rice, money, and book- 'Doljabi'. Don't enter anyone's home or office (including your supervisor's) until you've been invited in. Don't sit down until you're invited to do so. It's not a bad idea to say "no thanks," and let your host invite you 3 or 4 times before you actually do enter or sit. Don't write anyone's name in red ink. That would mean the person is dead.

Numbers: The number four sounds like the word for death. If someone pays you a compliment, refute it. As in Japan, modesty and self-deprecation score politeness points. the "Double Refusal Rule." It works like this. Any time a Korean offers you something, gives you an invitation, or extends some kind of courtesy, you're supposed to decline at least twice (3 times is better). If your friend offers one more time after that (a total of 3 or 4), then, and only then, can you accept. Koreans are gradually getting the idea of "going Dutch," but it's still pretty rare. Usually you'll be either host or guest, especially with Koreans older than their 20s. In theory, the person doing the inviting pays the bill. In practice, you'll make brownie points if you're the youngest in the bunch (or pair) and you insist on paying, even if you weren't the one who invited. When handing something to a Korean, offer it with both hands. Never offer anything with the left hand (even if you're left-handed). Don't point at anyone.

If you want to beckon someone to come to you,
don't use the usual western gesture. That's the way Koreans call their dogs! Instead, hold your hand palm down with the fingers bent downward, and sort of flap your fingers toward you.

some Koreans habitually point (at objects) with the digit that Westerners usually reserve for a rude one. Repeat after me: "Cultural difference. Less "personal space."in Korea
Not too comfortable yet with PDAs (public displays of affection) between men and women.
Married couples almost never kiss or hold hands in public.
People of the same sex holding hands is normal for friends, often female and sometimes male. Excuse me (not):
Not in Korea. Koreans elbow their way through crowds and cut in line without a word. In fact they usually don't bother to form lines at all. You never hear "excuse me" (chaesong hahmnidah).
So why don't they apologize? Ask a Korean! A generic term of address for a adult woman you don't know is ajomma ("auntie").
For a man, use ajosshi ("uncle"). The term for a young, unmarried woman is agasshi. You can call young kids komaya. An elderly man is a halabaji (grandfather) and an elderly woman is a halmoni (grandmother). Curiously, the word sonsang nim (teacher) also works as a generic respectful title for someone with authority -- a policeman, for example. At the table, wait for the oldest person present to begin eating first.
High status people always enter the room first.
Don't smoke in front of a person of higher status, like your boss
Don't drink in front of a higher-status person.
Bowing: Learn to bow.
Don't call anyone by his or her first name unless you're long-time friends Taboos
in Korea The average age when Koreans married for the first time was 31.8 for men and 28.9 for women last year, according to Statistics Korea

The divorce rate skyrocketing(by 900%) since the early 1990s, when in 80s it was virtually unheard of and very much frowned upon(the lowest in the world ). This is a steep jump of 40 percent since 2005.

the big change came after the economic crash of 1997, when men’s unquestioned status as the head of the family was fundamentally shaken.
+ adultery, in-laws conflict, neglect and abuse When visiting, you're expected to bring a small gift. A few pieces of fruit or flowers will be fine. Little trinkets or household items from your homeland usually make a hit.

Don't be too surprised if your host puts your gift away or sets it aside without opening it. This is a polite way to spare you embarassment in case your gift is too small. You should do the same if someone gives you a gift. Prostitution in Korea illegal but still practices underground and into overseas.
Sex offenders and children sexual predators are not punished enough? Compulsory military service
now reduced to 18months

by 2020= 18

Can convert to an all-volunteer force as in the U.S.? Foreigners in Korea?

South Korea is a relatively homogeneous society with absolute majority of the population of Korean ethnicity. However, with its emergence as an economic powerhouse, opportunities for foreign immigrants increased and in 2007 the number of foreign citizens resident in South Korea passed the million mark for the first time in history.
about 50% from China, with more than half of them being ethnic Koreans of Chinese citizenship.
by the United States with 12%, excluding the American troops, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and other countries followed. Islams in Korea
There are 40,000 Native Muslims in a total population of 42 millions living in the Korean Peninsula

Since the killing of a young woman committed by the foreigner the crimes by foreigners have greatly decreased due to concern about spreading xenophobia.

The number of foreign criminals has steadily increased each year since 2007. the death penalty in Korea?

since 1997 no death penalty carried out
in 2005 abolished the Death Penalty

by comparison,
in U/S. 1976_2005 about 1,000 persons were executed. The Population Crisis The lowest birthrate in the world
far below the minimum level to sustain the population
(an average 2.1 children per woman needed, but 1.08 in 2007)
One of the fatest graying aging retiree populations in the world with growing unemployment in the young populations who to take care of the elderly. (unemployment rate in 2011) Diary Day, V's Day,
W/B/Y/Rose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, Pepero Day... Korean Loves Couple Days! Korea's brand power is the 10th most powerful in the world in 2011 out of 40 countries for the fourth consecutive year. In a survey of corporate brand power, Samsung Electronics came first for the 11th year, followed by Hyundai Motor and LG Electronics. Brand
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