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SEAS Experiential Learning

An overview of experiential learning at the Univeristy at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Andrew Olewnik

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of SEAS Experiential Learning

3D Printed Heat Exchanger Feasibility
Typical brazed plate heat exchangers available in the market today are unable to serve some applications due to material compatibility issues with process fluids and manufacturing costs of high grade alloys. Can today's plastics meet this need and can a 3D manufacturing process be utilized?
Sophomores/juniors from mechanical, chemical and industrial engineering explored this possibility. Through both hands-on exploration with 3D printers and research on materials and a variety of manufacturing processes, the students developed a set of recommendations for a Buffalo-based manufacturer.
College Career Fair Sign-Up App
When we participate in campus career fairs, we have a need to gather contact information. Often this is done with paper & pen sign-in sheets. Can a tablet app be developed to gather and distribute this info?
A team of undergraduate computer science students developed a customizable Android app for M&T Bank recruiters. They are deploying the app for use among their campus recruitment team.
Patient monitoring products measure, display, and document physiological information obtained from sensors attached to the patient or other input devices. Electrode retention has always been an essential lead wire feature and has intensified in the last couple years, with the patient safety and alarm reduction initiatives of Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal (NSPG) and AAMI National Coalition for Alarm Safety Management. The objective of this project is to develop new concepts for connecting electrodes and lead wires.
Electrode Connection Ideation for Patient Monitoring Systems
Undegrads from mechanical and electrical engineering brainstormed concepts for presentation to Curbell Medical. After down selection involving Curbell stakeholders, the students developed CAD models and a few prototypes using 3D printing. The outcomes provided fresh ideas for further consideration and development.
Engineering Machine Shop
Digital Manufacturing Lab
Electronics Tinkering Lab
Design Studio
We're using the
Design Studio to develop
reverse engineering + product modification as an extra-curricular activity that encourages hands-on skill development and
use of all tinkering
Self-led, hands-on practice to build
basic skills and understanding
Senior Design Expo
held each May
Andrew Olewnik, PhD
Director of Experiential Learning Programs
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Interested to participate or learn more? Please contact...
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