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Domestic Violence


Tara Busler

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in the USA Types of D.V. Statistics Emotional Physical Economical 25% of AMERICAN women
reported being raped/abused
by a current/former spouse What about the unreported? 3+ women are killed
day in America by their
husband/boyfriend Homicide is the #1 cause
of death for pregnant
women Domestic Violence is one of
the most chronically
underreported crimes. Only 1/4 of all physical assults,
1/5 of all rapes, and
1/2 stalking are reported to the
police. Domestic violence is the
leading cause of physical
injury for women between
18-44 years old 1/3 of all children who grow
up in homes of domestic violence
either ends up abusing or being
abused themselves. Includes sexual violence,
i.e. forced sexual relations
Demeaning/humiliation Threats against you
and/or your family
and children Verbal abuse and harassment Consequences of D.V. For the abused partner For the Children because of thier experience
with being abused, they are
significantly more likely to be
involved in "risky behaviors" they are 4-6X more likely to become pregnant they are 8-9X more likely
to try to commit suicide they will more than likely develope social and relationship problems will develope gender
steryotypes and have a
pro-violence attitude long term effects include
having depressionand trauma
as an adult as well as an increased
tolerance for violence and
use of violence in a relationship controls what their money
is spent on pain, intimidation, other
forms of intended bodily harm Controls the amount of
hours they can work, where
they can work, etc. Assult and murder Isolation from family
and friends constant nagging of
how the partner looks
or dresses Of all females killed b firearms,
2/3 of them were killed by their
spouse My Action Steps Longer prison time for offenders and heavier fines
Have "check-ups" on known
houses of D.V. would monitor the house to
prevent further abuse from
happening Make Safehouses more accessible this could also decrease the number
of domestic abuse and homicide by
making it easier to seek help
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