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Fashioning a Better Model

No description

bee wells-fried

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Fashioning a Better Model

Fashioning a Better Model
By Bella Wells-Fried
Fashion Through the Decades
The Roaring '20s
Independence for women
Shy to shameless.
Completely covered to shaft dresses and bobs
Clothing as an expression of status
Women were ready to be seen as more than housewives and nannies.

The 30s and 40s
America's Great Depression
Military Minds
Square shouldered shirts and business like “sharp” style.
The 50s
A time of Celebration
Christian Dior
No need to save.
They were winners, relaxed
and extravagant.

The Fashion Industry
In big stores and on lots of people
2,000 unregistered factories
Rana Plaza Factory Complex in Bangladesh
April 2013, killing 110 people
Quantity over Quality
Designing the Clothes
Recycled sheets.
"I get sheets from the thrift store, and trace it out, and cut it. Then I refine it." (Hubbel)

You Are What You Wear
One of a kind people, one of a kind clothes
Are numbers holding us back?
Is the industry necessary?
Making the clothes
Hands and Machines
One or one hundred
Sew every seam, and cut every piece of fabric with your very own tools and hands.
Selling the Clothes
Consignment paid once a month for whatever sells that month.
Artist 60% and seller 40%
Wholesale more for less
Customer gain
The Game of Opinion
The 60s
Rocking, rolling, and keeping peace
Bell-bottom jeans and tie-dyed shirts, black leather jackets and mini-skirts.
The 70s
Airplane Ease
Tight, stretchy, and flashy.
Industry Advertising
But How about Today
Designer to Public
Advertising to people, for people, with people
The perfect fit

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Person to Person
"I do all of the design work and crafting by hand... working closely with the client as a collaborator.” (Priddy)
"Building one of a kinds grants me the ability to spend a great deal of time perfecting the fit and detail to serve the individual client.” (Priddy)

Quantity and Quality?
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