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Detroit's Diagnosis: Problems Began when Auto Industry Collasped

The many issues the city of Detroit is facing can be linked to the Automotive Industry's failure.

Iesha Swilley

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Detroit's Diagnosis: Problems Began when Auto Industry Collasped

What Happened to Detroit? Just the Beginning Here Comes Trouble Today's State Any Solutions?? Henry Ford and the automotive industry 1908 simple, reliabe and affordable Model T Monopolization the auto industry and the ripple effect automotive collaspe white flight I am 14 years old and live right outside of Detroit and believe me I know more about the auto industry than anyone on here. I'll be straight forward and say yes we fucked up but that's not the plant workers fault that's the CEO's and designers fault. GM and Ford now produce cars that are better quality and fuel efficiency than there Japanese counterpart. I've seen too many friends and family members lose jobs to the auto industry because everyone thinks that the Japanese cars are better. What is the public saying? by gmblogs make better cars,come down on the prices,its just a car not a frickin house,take all the excess garbage out them,give us a car with good gas milage & a cd player..thats all ya need,and dont charge 20 30 40 thousand for it,no wonder people are in debt smaller cars green economy motion picture construction healthcare Answers to America's Problems/ CarTalk Why Detroit is Failing by 1Future21 what is the public saying? A hemp car from ford i would not of believed it till i saw it lol, nice vid and eye opening pathos logos
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