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TV Advertisement Presentation

No description

Sam Baylis

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of TV Advertisement Presentation

TV Advertisement Presentation
The Product and Unique Selling Point
Black/brown spread
Contains vegetable & yeast extract
Slogan = ‘You either Love it or Hate It’

Rich in B vitamins
100% vegetarian
Two companies merged in 1920's to create Unilever in 1930.
These were Lever brothers & the Margerine Union

Previous Advertisements 1
Target Audience: Ages 15-20
Simple & effective.
Text is smooth & image is eye-catching.
Persuades reader that Marmite is tasty!
However quite bland & not a lot of information.
Overall, simple but well drawn and cleverly
laid out.

Previous Advertisements II
Target audience: 15-20
Simple yet effective.
The text is very simple and curved.
The text represents Marmite very well with use of slogan.
Camera is focused on the Marmite.
Generally simple and straight to the point which is what people like.
Maybe the background could have been developed more.
Laid out to keep it simple yet is persuasive.
Our Advertisement
Two friends having fun. (Past)
Teacher describes their hate with each other. (Present)
Ex-friends describes their side of the story.
Audience thinks it's serious, but it's just over marmite.

Target Audience
Demographic Profile Groups:
Target Market: Females aged 18-30
Target Audience: Age 16-25, male.
Social class: C2DE

Psychographic Profile Groups:
Marmite would go in the group:
‘Mainstreamers Seek Security’.
Traditional and conventional.
About family brands which suits Marmite well.

Advertisement Placement
Job Roles & Responsibility
Who did what:
Ben, Chantelle and Molly was our Sound/Camera operators.
Sam B was an actor in our advert and he played the hater of Marmite.
Sam M was an actor in our advert and he played the lover of Marmite.
Karen was an actress in our advert and she played the teacher (Thanks!)

Production Tasks:
Sam B created the pitch, storyboard and the moodboard.
Molly created the treatment, script and cast and crew.
Ben created the shooting script, health and safety/risk assessment and job roles.
Chantelle created the props and costume, shooting schedule and the budget.
Contains iron and calcium.
Created by Mr. Pietro Ferrero.
Nutella is very popular.
Salty and bitter taste.
Fred Walker & Co founded created it.
Due to Marmite, Vegemite wasn't very popular.

Our Target Audience
Advert will go on ITV through 6am - 12pm.
Graph shows popularity of TV channels
Planned out well.
Editing was done quickly and fully.
Production folder work completed quickly.

Two scenes failed in the filming stage.
Couldn't find each other in college during day of filming.
We worked against these and improvised.

We will check footage on the camera after filming to check if its perfect.
We have each others numbers now so we won't get lost again.

Key message:
You'll Either Love It OR Hate It.
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