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Concrete Industry Management Overview - MTSU

PPT by Heather Brown....prezified by Jereme Montgomery

Jereme Montgomery

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Concrete Industry Management Overview - MTSU

Dr. Heather J. Brown
Department Chair
Concrete Industry Management
Bureau of Labor Statistics
** 64,000 construction workers were laid off in February 2010
Growth of Put-In-Place Construction
The concrete industry today is a $600 billion industry
Full-Time Employment Demand
CIM Degree
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree:
Major – Concrete Industry Management
Minor – Business Administration
Concentration: Production, Sales, Service OR
Concrete Contracting
Production Sales & Service
Sales Representative
Cement, Byproducts, Steel, Aggregate, Equipment, Ready Mixed Concrete

Associations (ACI, NRMCA, ASTM, AASHTO, PCI and more)
Trade Publications
Human Resources
Accounts Payable

Plant Management
Quality Control
General Contractor/Subcontractor
Project Management
Specialty Contractor
Decorative concrete, hardscapes, repair and rehabilitation
Engineering Firms
Project Engineer
Corps of Engineer
Concrete Contracting
CIM Alumni Placement
CIM Socials / Company Visits
A company will sponsor a dinner or hors d'oeuvres
30 to 45 minute presentation
includes the history and a description of the company
job or internship opportunities that are available to the CIM Students
Companies conduct interviews the following day at the CIM facilities for full time and/or internship positions
CIM Internship Guidelines:
Required 400 hours of work for 2 credit hours
Obtain full aspect of your company
Hourly pay
Companies often help with housing
For companies - a great way to evaluate a student before hiring them full-time
Same for student
California Cement Promotion Council
Concrete Supply Company
Lafarge Corporation
Master Builders, Inc
Dr. Earl Keese
Blue Circle
H. Elton Cook
William Avery
Student Trips
Student Projects
MTSU Horseshoe Team –
2nd place Southeast Regional
Largest Pervious Roadway Project
Shoreview, Minnesota is getting a ¾ mile long pervious concrete that is 7” deep, 18” aggregate sub-base.
Neighborhood had no land available for detention.
1800 cy of pervious concrete supplied plus normal concrete low profile sloped curb was installed.
November 2009 Concrete Today
Pervious Concrete
6” minimum pervious concrete surface
(15-25% voids)
6” – 12” of base (40% voids)
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers (PICP)

Standard sized pavers
Bedding course (2”)
Base Course (4”)
Sub-base course (12”)
Recycled Glass Pavement - FilterPaveTM

Aesthetics, Surface Durability, Placement
FilterPave is comprised of 96% recycled
glass and 4% polymer resin compared to
5-10% recycled product in a cubic yard
of concrete.
Clean Water Infrastructure Program
Creates a new fee for stormwater that will be charged to all property owners in Davidson County.
All properties that contribute to stormwater runoff, including those without a water meter (such as parking lots), will contribute to the cost of managing it.

Residential Rates
400 sf to >6000sf = up to $4.50 monthly charge
Commercial Rates
400 sf to >1 million sf = up to $400 monthly charge
Parking/Loading Area for Athletic Events
Piloted in Indonesia, the Domes for the World Foundation (Utah based) built 71 homes and 4 civic structures in record time after an earthquake.
The EcoShell construction method developed out of TX by Monolithic Constructors utilizes inflatable forms and a thin shell exterior.
Thin Concrete Domes
Form is reusable up to 100 times
Cost is $19/ sq ft.
Ideal for high summer and moderate winter temperatures
Interior is shotcrete and exterior is concrete coated in cement slurry.
Concrete volume ranges from 8 CY – 30 CY per structure
Bendable Concrete is Now Self Healing
First introduced in 2002 as bendable, this concrete is being used as building cores for earthquake resistance.
July 2009 Concrete Today
Hottest Trends for Decorative Concrete
Outdoor Fireplaces
Concrete Countertops
Eco Friendly Natural Looking Hardscapes
Custom Concrete Furniture
Fiber Optic Lighting
Photo Engraved Form-liners
CIM Building
Contact: hjbrown@mtsu.edu
Facebook: MTSU CIM

Click to See Alumni Skeet Shoot
Concrete Overlays
Tilt-Up Concrete
And even more...
Concrete Homes for
Disaster Victims
Click to See CIM Word Cloud
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