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The White Rhino

My Y8 team Geography project on animal conservation.

Thomas Savage

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of The White Rhino

By Thomas, Eddie, Janine, Faeezah and Kate The White Rhino Strategies to prevent the White Rhino from being extinct in the future Kruger National Park in South Africa sells about 100 White Rhinos
“We have been selling animals for a number for years to raise money for conservation projects. We have also used animals in exchange to obtain other species.” A SANparks (South African National parks) spokesmen said
Organizations like WWF are trying to increase the numbers of White Rhinos
Expanding areas that White Rhinos live in and improving the management
Improving security monitoring examples It will die out Its future . . . Introduction Horns are valued around the globe Mainly poaching, but also habitat loss Population is low Landscape restrictions
National parks for the white rhinos to be protected:
Improving security
Educate people about the White rhino
Ask the government in countries who buy the rhinos horns to increase the taxes of the horns Rhino's population increased from 1998 to 2010
At the end of 2001, 77% of the park’s landscape had white rhinos present
In 2006, poaching increased in the park
At the end of 2010, a total of 1402 white rhinos had been sold to raise money for conservation projects
During 2010, it was estimated that 10, 621 white rhinos lived in Kruger National park
During 2011, 252 rhinos were poached in the park It will live on Their population is already rising
People are becoming more aware
National parks are restricting poachers
There level of endangered level has risen(It used to be endangered now it is near threatened)
It is very common and a tourist attraction that nobody can lose
Kruger National park’s White rhino population: Hunting for their horns for medicine
Some parts of the body like the feet are used for products
There are 4 white rhinos left on the North side of Africa
Demands for their horns increases
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