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Similarties and differences between British and American Mil

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Taylor McConnell

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Similarties and differences between British and American Mil

Similarities and differences between British and American Militaries
American Military
Very unorganized
Started off in shambles
Barely had men who could walk in a formation
Known more famously as the Continental Army
Their nickname was the "Rebels"
This army was only made up of a very small number of men.
Consisted of volunteers that were farmers, European officers, unemployed men, and the impoverished.
There was no need for a draft
They recruited Prussian officer Steuben who made them a more uniform and cohesive military.
He also taught them battle and fighting tactics that were unheard of to the Continental Army.
One of the American's biggest difficulty was the fact that they had little to no supplies.
The British Military
Were commonly known as the Red Coats
The British Army consisted of 57,000 men plus the loyal colonists.
George the 2nd felt it necessary to hire 30,000 German soldiers.
They were referred to as Hessians
They forced people to enlist
Very unified
A well trained fighting force
Although the British was known as one of the best trained military; they weren't trained to fight in the same way the Americans were.
They also wouldn't receive military orders from Britain until months after it was issued.
Both militaries had many issues and problems to over come
Both sides used cannons, fixed bayonets with musket balls
Fought for freedom
Fought to regain control
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