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Business Strategy Game

No description

Monica Chudik

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Business Strategy Game

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com SWOT Intended Strategy Familiarizing technology

Narrow focus lead to better assessment

Better assessment allowed for an educated strategy Created By:
Brendan Doherty
Christine Templer
Kyle Proto
Monica Chudik Business Strategy Simulation
Final Presentation Fall 2012
MGMT 4303
Professor Kasic Summary Emergent Strategy Profitability + Sustained Competitive Advantage
Scenario Planning + Competitive Analysis
No Consistent Competitive Strategy
Year to Year Analysis
Competitive Intelligence Reports
Localization Continued & consistent improvement in all aspects of the game Overall Performance Earnings Per Share Initially thought that the only way to improve style and quality was by using superior materials.

Superior materials were expensive and the company would lose significant amount of money: not worth the expenditure.

Began looking for other ways to improve quality without drastically raising costs. Style and Quality Rating Stock Price Net Revenues Image Rating Overcoming Key Issues Image Rating Decided to purchase option C.

Gave our company an equipment boost which in turn increased the quality and style ratings

Allowed us to spend less while still improving our style and quality Increasing Style and Quality Originally considered a priority

Cost-Benefit was not there

Decided to focus on other aspects Image Rating By improving in other areas, our Image Rating improved Overcoming the Image Rating Advice Practice round means exactly that, PRACTICE! Key Issues Take Advantage of Hints Determining if and how much dividend to issue

Cost effectiveness + Retaining lead Dividends A decision or change in one part of the company affects all the others.

How to use knowledge from financial management classes in a real world environment.

Concepts from the book are based on an ideal world and do not always work as planned. What We Learned Led the class in at least one segment every week Ranked 77th in the world after year 19 Building Plants Dividends Building Plants Thank You For Your Time! Questions? Advice for Professor Kasic Strengths Market analysis
Competitor analysis
Stock buybacks
Dividend yield
Plant locations
Localization Strategy
Celebrity Appeal
Private label Segment
Best Practices Training
Awards Weaknesses Image rating
Determining if and how much dividend to issue
Getting our style and quality rating up
Determining when to build a new plant
Lack of differentiation
Style and Quality Rating
Models offered
Retailer Support Opportunities Building a plant in E-A
Getting more celebrities through bids
Selling of plants
Issuing higher dividends
Pursuing a cost leadership strategy Threats Chillaxin Footware
Mimicking of strategy
Mimicking of style Determining when to build a new plant Had to be conscious of time and money Wanted to have enough time to utilize the new plant Pushing it off

Year 18

The L-A Plant purchase

Successful Utilization Determining If and How Much Dividend to Issue Competitive Analysis Observed Chillaxin's Actions Resulted in slightly lower dividends Bought Stock Back Have more time in class to get used to game and to play the game at least in the beginning.

Practice year should have been done as a class

Incentive to win
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