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Iago in Act 2

No description

C Williams

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Iago in Act 2

Shakespeare's presentation of Iago in Act 2 LOOK CLOSELY AT THE LANGUAGE Manipulative Iago plays the other characters off against each other, he is very manipulative. Speaks to Roderigo in prose= to suggest they're friends. (207+) Will make Othello thank him for making him mad (296). Dramatic Irony Gets Cassio drunk then says he doesn't want to do offence to him. (208) Admits he is playing the characters like instruments (191) Metaphor Arrogant Iago is presented as arrogant and self-obsessed. Says he is going to use Desdemona's goodness against them all.Net-(341) Metaphor He does not see anything wrong in his actions-(316). He uses Roderigo (292) Malicious without a motive Iago has been described as evil with no reason for being. Examine his reasons- Are they real? Says he loves Desdemona- but out of lust and revenge (279)- perhaps not real. Wants Cassio's job, but he gets it at the end of Act 2 and doesn't stop. Says he suspects Othello & Emilia, but doesn't look for proof like Othello does later on. (283) Two-faced/Disloyal Iago claims to love Cassio and Othello, but really hates them. Remember:
Explain(the evidence)
Effect (on the audience)

Intro- Overview of play & act.
Mention themes. (Appearance & reality, jealousy etc).

Conclusion- sum up. Name calling- Iago calls Othello "The lusty Moor", "The Devil", "black ram" behind his back, but is respectful to his face. Iago pretends he is telling Cassio to speak to Desdemona for his own good (300). He calls Roderigo "poor trash" behind his back Insecure Iago may be power hungry because he is insecure. He's paranoid Emilia has slept with O and C too! (295) He has been passed over for the job of Lieuetenant. Themes:
Appearance & Reality- Shakespeare is saying not everything is what it seems- Iago=perfect example.
Jealousy- It's a dangerous thing- Makes Iago get revenge and Othello kill Desdemona.
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