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Chemical Reaction of Mentos & Soda

No description

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Chemical Reaction of Mentos & Soda

What makes Mentos react with soda?
It reacts due to a process called "Nucleation".

The structure of Mentos allows Carbon Dioxide (CO2) bubbles to form extremely rapidly.
What happens to the Coke?
The carbon dioxide (CO2) in soda is attracted to the Mentos.
What happens when the Mentos hit soda?
When Mentos drop into soda its creates pressure.

This pressure tries to escape, causing the soda to fly out the top of the bottle, or in other words, an explosion.
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Chemical Reaction of Mentos & Soda
Krislyn Sherron, Patrick Chambers, Chevelle Cain
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